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Uber driver reveals what Durban Gen actress Dr Mbali did in the back of the car when he was carrying her. 

Nelisiwe Sibiya Leaves Uber Driver in Awe with Her Presence

Nelisiwe Sibiya is no stranger to turning heads, and she recently left an Uber driver utterly amazed. Ever since she took on the role of Dr. Mbali on Durban Gen, her popularity has soared, and she’s grown accustomed to receiving compliments wherever she goes.

In a recent video shared on her Tik Tok page, Nelisiwe laughed off the attention and playfully demonstrated how people react when they see her. She looked stunning in a white dress adorned with feathers, complemented by lovely silver jewelry, and her makeup was flawlessly done.

The Uber driver, whose identity she didn’t reveal, was overheard on the phone, excitedly claiming he was “chilling with the big girls.” He called his girlfriend to boast about driving Nelisiwe Sibiya and couldn’t contain his awe at how beautiful the celebrity looked, which prompted his enthusiastic remarks.

In the video’s caption, Nelisiwe mentioned that she was on her way to a baby shower. However, judging by the Uber driver’s reaction, it seemed she may have been a tad overdressed for the occasion, perhaps even more so than the guest of honor at the baby shower.

Nelisiwe Sibiya’s fame has surged since her portrayal of Dr. Mbali Mthethwa on Durban Gen. Her character, a second-year intern in the series, embarks on a tumultuous love affair with her senior, Dr. Zulu, despite being engaged to another man. Following her husband’s passing, she becomes more focused on her own desires, leading to a series of dramatic twists and turns, including real and potential marriages as she tries to navigate her complex romantic entanglements.

Before achieving recognition as an actress, Nelisiwe had dreams of becoming a singer since the age of eight. Her sister played a pivotal role in encouraging her to develop her singing talent and helped her launch her music career. Nelisiwe’s career in television began when she composed the theme song for the show Lockdown, ultimately paving the way for her debut on the small screen.

Her career took an unexpected turn when a personal relationship ended, which led to the termination of her music contract. However, her fortunes took a positive turn when she was offered the role on Durban Gen. This opportunity boosted her self-confidence and propelled her into a more prominent position in the industry. Nelisiwe’s journey as an actress truly took flight when she secured her first significant television lead role.

Nelisiwe Sibiya’s magnetic presence continues to captivate audiences, and her ability to inspire awe, even from an Uber driver, showcases the impact she has in the entertainment world.

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