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Activists empower those living with disabilities.

Activists empower those living with disabilities.

The theme that disability does not mean inability should be amplified, and people living with disabilities should be included in empowerment programs.

Disability is just a condition that affects one’s capabilities partially, and one can live with it and outperform those living without it.

A person has qualities and various traits that make him or her unique and able to manage his or her life to the fullest.

The disabled communities can acquire skills through training based on their needs and special training, and one activist is empowering people living with different impairments.

The Provincial Development Officer applauded Patrick, who is taking care of and empowering many couples living with disabilities.

He spoke of a couple who are into a broiler and roadrunner poultry project.

“The couple manages to send their children to school, earn a decent living standard, and are helping the local community with meat, eggs, and poultry production training for other people with disabilities.

“This group is a clear testimony of such people who have diverse abilities in earning a decent living apart from street vending and begging,” he said.

Patrick added that they formed a group of five members and have applied for community development funding from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, and Small and Medium Enterprises.

“If successfully approved, the group is going to get a soft loan of ZWL 3,000,000. The husband is a shoemaker and the wife is a fashion designer, and both have been doing their jobs along their trades.

They have identified a window of opportunity in broiler and roadrunner production since such white meat is in demand in their community by locals and food-serving outlets as far away as Karoi, said the activists.

Activists empower those living with disabilities.

He added that such training can be complemented by funding from various funding partners, such as Women Microfinance Bank, SMEDCO, and other financial institutions.

One woman with disabilities said the disabled should be treated just like everyone else in the community without showing them that they are disabled.

People living with disabilities have challenges that limit them in doing business, and these challenges should be addressed. They are always told that if resources permit, their needs are not a priority or included.

“This means if a child with disabilities is going to school and then told that Social Welfare has not yet paid this child’s fees because resources are not permitting, the child ends up losing focus and at the end of the day drops out of school, thus indirectly denying her access to education, and we have made him or her vulnerable, he said.

Patrick said that banks should offer a special provision to all persons living with disabilities, as they can also venture into different businesses so that they in turn earn a decent living.

It is quite prudent that this community be open and the community around them be able to uphold the adage “Leaving no one and no place behind” in all developmental aspects, as disability does not mean inability.

Issues of inclusion of people living with disabilities and those of minority groups and marginalized areas need to be amplified, as they should have equal opportunities and access to resources to achieve the 2030 vision.

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