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Zahara’s ancestors & sangoma already working. DJ Sbu is already seeing flames & running màd

“DJ Sbu’s Unkempt Look Sparks Social Media Trolling Amidst Ongoing Royalty Allegations and Emotional Tributes to Zahara”

In recent weeks, the appearance of Mofaya founder DJ Sbu has become a hot topic on social media, with discussions revolving around his scruffy look and its potential connection to the unresolved royalty allegations involving him and former co-executive TK Nciza, as brought forth by the late singer Zahara.

A viral picture depicting DJ Sbu in a disheveled poncho and untidy dreadlocks during an episode of his podcast, “Hustler’s Corner,” featuring an interview with fellow podcasters MacG and Sol, fueled the Twitterati’s trolling spree.

While some users drew comparisons between DJ Sbu and American rappers Jay Z and J Cole, others speculated about a connection between Zahara’s ancestors and DJ Sbu’s appearance, suggesting a link to the ongoing feud with the “Loliwe” hitmaker.

The discord between Zahara and DJ Sbu dates back years, triggered by Zahara’s accusations of exploitation against DJ Sbu and TK Nciza, who were her record label executives at TS Records. Zahara claimed she did not receive royalties for her acclaimed debut album, “Loliwe,” despite its significant success.

In July of the previous year, DJ Sbu refuted these claims on Twitter, asserting that Zahara’s money had always gone to her. Zahara countered, accusing him of falsehoods and asserting that her music was being sold on digital platforms without her knowledge.

With Zahara’s recent passing, DJ Sbu has taken to his social pages to share fond memories of the singer, acknowledging the shared moments they had, from collaborating to winning awards together. Despite the revived allegations, DJ Sbu set the record straight during an interview on Cooking365, denying the accusations and expressing his grief over Zahara’s untimely death.

During the interview, DJ Sbu addressed the ongoing public scrutiny, stating, “People might be mad and might want to find somebody to blame. A lot of people are saying I’m to blame. Though I am not, having worked in the public eye for so long I understand. It’s OK, let’s be angry, let’s be sad. Let’s mourn.”

He further emphasized that despite the criticism, he is prepared to weather the storm and reiterated his commitment to not benefiting unfairly from anyone.

DJ Sbu reflected on his journey, stating, “I built myself from nothing, I’ve never sought an opportunity to benefit from someone or try to take somebody else’s money. When I met Zahara I was already rich, I could never take a single cent of Zahara’s money.”

Top 10 Cutting-edge Gadgets Taking Africa by Storm in 2024

1. Solar-Powered Smartphones Revolutionize Connectivity

In a bold move towards sustainability, solar-powered smartphones are gaining traction across Africa. With reliable access to sunlight, these devices provide uninterrupted connectivity in regions with limited power infrastructure.

2. AI-Powered Health Wearables Transforming Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is making strides in healthcare with AI-powered health wearables. These devices monitor vital signs, offer personalized health insights, and enhance preventive care, contributing to improved wellness across the continent.

3. Eco-Friendly E-Bikes Addressing Urban Mobility Challenges

African cities are witnessing a surge in eco-friendly electric bikes. These vehicles tackle urban mobility issues, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a cost-effective solution for commuting in densely populated areas.

4. Water Purification Gadgets Tackling Clean Water Shortages

To combat water scarcity, innovative water purification gadgets are making waves. These portable devices use advanced filtration technologies, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water in remote areas.

5. Smart Agriculture Drones Boosting Crop Yield

Precision agriculture gets a boost with smart agriculture drones. These high-tech devices monitor crop health, optimize irrigation, and enhance overall farming efficiency, contributing to food security across the continent.

6. Affordable 3D Printers Empowering Local Entrepreneurs

Empowering local entrepreneurs, affordable 3D printers are gaining popularity. These devices enable small businesses to prototype products, create customized solutions, and contribute to the growth of grassroots innovation.

7. Virtual Reality Education Kits Enhancing Learning Experience

Virtual reality education kits are transforming the classroom experience. These immersive tools bring subjects to life, providing students with a dynamic and engaging learning environment, especially in regions with limited educational resources.

8. Smart Home Solutions for Energy Efficiency

As technology advances, smart home solutions are becoming more accessible in Africa. Energy-efficient devices, automated lighting, and climate control systems are empowering households to reduce their environmental footprint and save on energy costs.

9. Mobile Banking Apps Facilitating Financial Inclusion

Mobile banking apps are playing a crucial role in fostering financial inclusion. These apps provide secure and convenient banking services, bridging the gap for individuals in remote areas without access to traditional banking infrastructure.

10. AI-Powered Language Translation Devices Breaking Communication Barriers

Breaking language barriers, AI-powered translation devices are facilitating seamless communication. These gadgets enable users to converse in multiple languages, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration across diverse communities in Africa.

The tech landscape in Africa is rapidly evolving, with these top 10 gadgets reflecting the continent’s commitment to embracing innovation and addressing local challenges. As these technologies continue to proliferate, they hold the potential to reshape various aspects of African society, from healthcare to education and beyond.

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