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Holidays to look forward to

Holidays to look forward to

Some people are fortunate enough to travel during holidays, and for some it is an escape from reality and for others from work. Holidays are a great way to celebrate and rest. There are universal holidays like Christmas and Easter, but some are different from country to country.

Everyone wants a break every once in a while, and holidays are there to give people a break from work and other daily duties that they normally do. People need to unwind without any distractions after tiring work, and public holidays can dramatically boast a lot of things. They are also a way to promote a sense of unity and common will, for example, by remembering when the country gained independence, sacrifices in pivotal wars, and the rise and fall of important heroes.

Originally, the term holiday was derived from “holy day,” meaning a day set aside for religious commemorations. In the modern day, it could either be a day of religious or circular commemoration. These holidays will normally fall on the approximate dates of those ancient festivals. For example, in history, Jesus is believed to have been born in late summer; hence, Christmas is celebrated in December, when it is summer in most parts of the world.

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday because of its originality. It is the day when Jesus Christ of Bethlehem was born. The founder of Christianity, the biggest religion in the world The day of Christmas is characterized by gift-giving, feasting, gatherings, and decorations. Kids look forward to this day because of its association with gifts.

Although the date of Christ’s birth is not stated in the Bible or historical sources, most theological scholars agree that the birth of Christ was between 6 BC and 4 BC.December 25  became a date set aside annually to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Religiously for Christians and culturally for non-Christians.

The same goes for the Easter holidays; this is the time when the founder of Christianity was crucified in Jerusalem. It also marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after he was crucified. Easter has three days: Thursday, Good Friday, and Sunday. It is regarded as the end of fasting and penitence. Like Christmas, Easter is celebrated by billions of Christians worldwide.

Other holidays are peculiar to a particular country because of a particular historical event that happened there. A lot of African countries celebrate independence because they were once colonized by European countries. The scramble and partition of Africa resulted in three-quarters of Africa being colonized. These African countries then resisted these colonial rulers and gained independence. In Zimbabwe, they attained independence on the 18th of April in 1980; South Africa in 1910 from Britain; and other countries like Egypt and Ethiopia got their independence later on.

Other types of holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day all came about because people tried to celebrate important individuals in people’s lives or to celebrate love. All these holidays are something that we look forward to because, generally, humans love to remember their past. No wonder people celebrate birthdays and anniversaries; it’s their way of creating holidays in their lives.

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