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“How Do You Say Goodbye To Your Twin? – “Twice As Bold” Star Shot Dead

In a tragic turn of events, Thabani Biyela, one of the stars of the reality show “Twice As Bold,” met an untimely end after being fatally shot. Thabani, who shared the screen with his twin brother Sakhile on the reality show, was reportedly shot dead on Tuesday

The heartbreaking news was conveyed through a social media post by the South African twin sisters and stars of the show, Olwethu and Owami Siko. Expressing their grief on Facebook, the Siko twins wrote, “How do you say goodbye to your twin? We are shattered as Siko twins to say goodbye to one of the Biyela twins. What a sad day, it’s OK not be OK. Kufa awudeli yhoo, what a day, Jehova.”

Confirming the devastating incident, Thabani’s twin brother, Sakhile, also acknowledged the loss and requested privacy for the grieving family. The Siko twins further shared their sorrow, revealing that they were informed by a close family member about Thabani’s passing and expressing difficulty in coming to terms with the tragedy. They had plans to collaborate with the Biyela twins on various projects, including a music video for their song “Imali” and featuring them in the next season of “Twice As Bold.”

Thabani and Sakhile Biyela, known for their inseparable bond, had joined the reality show in May, hoping to find love after their previous relationship ended in heartbreak. The twins, who referred to themselves as “two bodies with one soul,” were on a quest to find a man willing to marry both of them. In an earlier statement, Thabani had shared their openness to new experiences, including the possibility of group intimacy, emphasizing their perspective that it’s not something to be ashamed of.

The tragic loss of Thabani Biyela has left a void not only in the lives of his family and friends but also within the “Twice As Bold” reality show community, where the twins had made a notable impact with their unique and close-knit relationship.

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