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RIP Zahara: Zim Prophet ‘predicted’ Loliwe singer’s death, sends her this message but she ignored

Zimbabwe-born prophet MellonTik Orasi, who resides in South Africa, has claimed that he predicted the unfortunate demise of the renowned musician Zahara, also known as Bulelwa Mkutukana.

The singer passed away on December 11 at a hospital in Johannesburg after being admitted in November due to illness, subsequently transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Reports indicate that Zahara’s hospitalization was officially confirmed by her family and manager, Oyama Dyobisa, on November 27. In their statement, they requested privacy and prayers for her swift recovery. Tragically, Zahara’s health took a turn for the worse, leading to her untimely passing.

Prophet MellonTik Orasi, hailing from Mpumalanga as per his Facebook account, shared prophetic screenshots that purportedly forecasted Zahara’s fate, some dating back to 2022. Expressing condolences, Orasi revealed attempts to advise the late musician in 2022, claiming his warnings were ignored. He emphasized his intent to save lives, underscoring the gravity he attributes to his prophetic visions.

In a prophecy from August 2022, Orasi urged people to pray for Zahara, citing a foreseen dark cloud hovering over her. On December 4, he returned to Facebook, cryptically stating that a well-known South African musician would pass away soon. His post hinted at the proximity of the predicted event, creating a stir among those who follow his prophecies.

The revelation of Orasi’s predictions has sparked interest and discussion, especially in light of previous instances where he claimed to foresee significant events. The connection between the prophetic messages and Zahara’s passing adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative surrounding the Zimbabwe-born prophet.

As the public reflects on the veracity of such predictions, the circumstances surrounding Zahara’s death raise questions about the intersection of prophecy, fate, and the fragility of human life.

The ripple effects of Orasi’s claims continue to reverberate through social media and public discourse, prompting contemplation on the mysterious and often enigmatic nature of prophetic foresight.


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