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DJ Cyan exposed

The ongoing feud between social media influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee and her ex-manager Wellington Lee Rato has taken a tumultuous turn, unraveling a series of shocking revelations.

Rato recently shared an incident where he claimed to have been physically attacked by Cyan, alleging that she insisted on receiving payments before securing gigs and even demanded a Mercedes A45 under his management.

In response to these accusations, Cyan Boujee took to social media, cryptically stating, “You know me by now.” However, the situation escalated when reports surfaced, suggesting that Cyan’s erratic behavior might be linked to the use of an illegal white powder substance. Screenshots shared by Maphepha Ndaba contained blurred text, hinting at a possible connection to substance abuse.

Sources have alleged that Cyan Boujee may be struggling with an addiction to the mentioned white powder, which contributes to her uncontrollable and violent behavior. The revelations suggest that this might not be the first time she has physically assaulted someone, but recent incidents have made it challenging to conceal her troubled past.

In a surprising twist, additional messages claim that Cyan’s behavior extends to involuntary urination, attributed to complications from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The source suggests that she faces difficulties controlling her bladder, leading to embarrassing situations in various locations.

The exposé goes on to reveal that Cyan Boujee has been deceptive about the existence of an agency, supposedly assisting her in reaching an international audience. The social media star has not addressed or confirmed any of the recent reports against her, leaving the public to speculate about the authenticity of these claims.

As the controversy unfolds, it sheds light on the complexities of maintaining a public image in the age of social media, with individuals facing scrutiny not only for their professional conduct but also for their personal struggles.

The situation with Cyan Boujee raises questions about accountability and transparency in the influencer industry, prompting discussions about the impact of social media revelations on reputations and careers.

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