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Black Coffee exposed for faking arm injury

Black Coffee finds himself entangled in controversy once again, as music executive Nhlamulo Nota Baloyi accuses the Grammy-winning DJ of feigning an arm injury.

The latest drama unfolded when a video clip surfaced, depicting a man resembling Black Coffee shopping at an iPhone store, folding his arms and wearing a neck collar.

Nota Baloyi swiftly called out the DJ, asserting, “He can fold his arms now. I knew that whole hand in the pocket thing was a scam.

Don’t ask me who told me!” Before reaching conclusions, it’s crucial to consider the facts – reports indicate that Black Coffee’s hand was paralyzed in his youth due to a car accident.

Netizens were quick to denounce Nota Baloyi’s insensitivity. @ChrisExcel102 joked, “This is why I don’t believe that Stevie Wonder is blind.”

Meanwhile, @MakhubuSimanga expressed disappointment, condemning the mockery of someone partially disabled, and @eleventhmen issued a caution, “What you put out into the universe will come back to you, and the whole of South Africa will witness it.”

Adding to the complexity, Black Coffee recently faced a severe aircraft accident in Argentina, where his private jet encountered intense turbulence, leading to his hospitalization.

These incidents highlight the DJ’s enduring physical challenges, prompting a public discourse on empathy and understanding.

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