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Wiseman Mncube calls out ‘Skeem Saam’s’ Nompilo over ‘rude’ auditions

Controversy Surrounds Skeem Saam Actress Nompilo Mwelase’s Conduct During Auditions

Award-winning actor Wiseman Mncube has addressed the controversy surrounding Skeem Saam actress Nompilo Mwelase’s alleged mistreatment of aspiring actors during auditions held by Black Brain Pictures at the Bat Centre in Durban.

Mwelase, known for her role as Nokuthula on Skeem Saam, faced criticism for being perceived as “rude and heartless” towards hopefuls, accused of not giving them enough time during their monologues. There were also allegations of bias and favoritism towards established actors.

In response, Mwelase defended her actions, emphasizing that she was merely doing her job to the best of her ability. She urged aspiring actors to focus on improving their craft and emphasized the challenges of casting directors in finding the right talent for specific roles.

“People must work on their craft. I’m not gonna be having bosses not happy with my work trying to please people,” said Mwelase. She explained that, having experienced a similar journey herself, she could easily identify potential in auditionees.

Mncube, known for his role in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela My Brother’s Keeper, criticized the alleged mistreatment of auditionees. In a Facebook post, he argued that casting directors should give hopefuls a chance to showcase their talent, even if they don’t fit a specific look.

“This thing of saying I’ve been through this and that must change manje [now] cause when we were going through that it wasn’t nice. It was also hard on us, and it’s time we change that because I don’t buy this thing of saying it’s part of the game,” Mncube wrote.

He further expressed his belief in genuine craft over appearance and hinted at the possibility of opening his own modeling production.

The controversy highlights the challenges and debates surrounding casting processes and the treatment of aspiring actors within the entertainment industry.

Disclaimer: The statements and actions mentioned are based on reported news and social media posts, and additional perspectives may exist.

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