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‘Idols SA’ winner Thapelo Molomo is selling eggs and atchar from the boot of his car

Thapelo Molomo, the Season 18 winner of ‘Idols SA,’ recently surprised fans with a new business venture. In addition to his substantial cash prize from the show and his role as a Warrant Officer at the SAPS, Molomo has ventured into entrepreneurship, selling trays of eggs and atchar from the trunk of his car.

While reactions from his followers were mixed regarding his decision to sell eggs, Molomo remains undeterred by the feedback, with his focus set on expanding his wealth.

In his social media post, he invited people from Tembisa, Kempton Park, and Pretoria to reach out for atchar and eggs. In the accompanying video, Molomo, sporting a white shirt, beige pants, and a brown cap, is seen making egg deliveries from his car.

Molomo, stationed at the Brits police station in the North West, explained that he intends to strike a balance between his law enforcement job and his role as the latest “Idols SA” title holder. He emphasized the importance of managing his week for work and reserving weekends for gigs and music pursuits.

He mentioned that if he ever feels overwhelmed, he would seek support from his employer, highlighting the SAPS’ encouragement of pursuing passions without interfering with one’s job responsibilities.

Molomo’s ambition is to generate additional income streams and inspire others in the music industry by demonstrating the challenges and rewards of pursuing one’s dreams alongside a day job. According to the “Daily Sun,” he affirmed his ability to cope with both his roles as a policeman and musician.

The Pinnacle of Opulence: The Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Pieces in the World

Luxury and extravagance know no bounds when it comes to furniture. The world’s wealthiest individuals spare no expense in adorning their homes with pieces that exude opulence. From solid gold beds to crystal-encrusted cabinets, here’s a glimpse into the top 10 most expensive furniture items that money can buy.

1. The Badminton Cabinet – A $36 Million Marvel
The Badminton Cabinet, an exquisite masterpiece crafted in the 18th century, boasts intricate inlay work and precious materials, fetching a staggering $36 million at an auction.

2. The Pininfarina Aresline Xten – A $1.5 Million Chair
Designed by famed Italian designer Pininfarina, the Xten chair features cutting-edge technology and ergonomics, making it a $1.5 million marvel of modern design.

3. The Tufft Table – A $4.6 Million Table of Elegance
The Tufft Table, adorned with precious stones and fine materials, graces homes with its $4.6 million splendor, a testament to craftsmanship and luxury.

4. The Solid Gold Toilet – A $6 Million Commode
Not your average porcelain throne, the Solid Gold Toilet, worth $6 million, is a fully functional bathroom fixture, crafted entirely from 24-karat gold.

5. The Harrington Commode – A $5.1 Million Classic
A masterpiece of Georgian furniture, the Harrington Commode showcases intricate marquetry and is valued at a princely $5.1 million.

6. The Dragon Chair – A $27.8 Million Symbol of Wealth
Designed by Irish artist Eileen Gray, the Dragon Chair stands as an icon of luxury, commanding a whopping $27.8 million.

7. The Luxor Chess Set – A $9.8 Million Game
Chess enthusiasts with deep pockets can splurge on the Luxor Chess Set, an extravagant $9.8 million masterpiece featuring gold, silver, and diamonds.

8. The Gemstone Dresser – A $4.6 Million Closet Essential
This dazzling dresser, adorned with gemstones and featuring intricate craftsmanship, will set you back a cool $4.6 million.

9. The Parnian Desk – A $200,000 Work of Art
A true blend of art and function, the Parnian Desk costs $200,000 and features unique, handcrafted woodwork.

10. The Farnese Blue Table – A $5.4 Million Antique
With a rich history dating back to the 18th century, the Farnese Blue Table is a magnificent antique piece worth $5.4 million, showcasing its timeless beauty.

From historical classics to cutting-edge contemporary designs, these furniture pieces represent the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. While most of us can only dream of owning such extravagant items, these pieces serve as a testament to the limitless possibilities in the world of furniture design for those with the means to indulge in opulence.

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