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20 Actors from Generations who passed away.

20 Actors from Generations who passed away.

These are some of 20 actors from Generations who passed away. Some of them died recently while others died few years ago.


1. Sindi Buthelezi

Sindi Buthelezi passed away in 2021, age 32 years old. The news about her death was anounced by her older sister. Information regard her cause of death was unknown. The actress was known as Zinhle Mathe, Chopper’s girlfriend on Generations.


2. Menzi Ngubane

Menzi Ngubane died in 2021, age 56 years old. According to his family he died as a result of stroke. Menzi was popularly known as Sibusiso Dlomo on Generations.


3. Mahlubi Kraai

Mahlubi Kraai passed away in Rustenburg in 2021. The cause of his was not revealed to the public. Mahlubi was known as as Mr Bokaba on Generations.


4. Mary Makgato

Mary Makgato died in 2017, age 51 years old. She died after being on coma for sometime. The cause of her death was falling which lead her into coma and she never woke up. She was known as Puleng on Generations.


5. Mandla Hlatshwayo

Mandla Hlatshwayo passed away in 2017, age 40 years old. He died after being shot during robbery. He was trying to save women from the robbers that’s how he got shot. He was known as Siphiwe Phosa on Generations which he played for 7 years before he died.


6. David Phetoe

David Phetoe died in 2018, age 85 years old. He died after being ill. He was well known as Paul Moroka, the father to Archie and Karabo Moroka on Generations.


7. Nyembezi Kunene

Nyembezi Kunene passed away in 2016, age 48 years old. He was ill for long time. The actor was known as Jabulani Dlomo who was Sibusiso Dlomo’s uncle.


8. Noxolo Maqashalala

Noxolo Maqashalala died in 2021, age 44 years old. She was found dead at her home after 3 days. She appeared on Generations as guest star.

9. Tiki Nxumalo

Tiki Nxumalo passed away in 2015, age 65 years. It was reported that he died because of asthma after he was laying down on the ground. He played a character as Ruby’s father on Generations.

10. Bayo Jwayi

Bayo Jwayi died in 2013, age 41. She was admitted to hospital for low blood pressure and she didn’t make it. She was known as Veronica, the nurse who was taking care of Senzo and Noluntu’s son, Mnqobi.

11. Patrick Shai

Patrick Shai passed away in January 2022, age 65 years old. He committed suicide. He was known as Patrick Thlaole on Generations

12. Aletta Majola

The Generations actress Aletta Majola, who portrayed Khethiwe’s grandma, passed away in 2020. She passed away in Soweto’s Christ Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

13. Mutodi Neshehe

Mutodi Neshehe died in 2021, age 46 years old. He died as a result of Covid-19 complications. He was known as Zola Hadebe who was Karabo Moroka’s second husband.

14. Vinolia Mashego

Vinolia Mashego passed away in 2020, age 56 years. It was reported that she died in her sleep in her home in Mamelodi. She was known as Hilda Letlalo on Generations.

15. Precious Simelani

Precious Simelani died in 2005, age 27 years old. She died after being ill for a short period of time. She was known as Zanele Bhengu on Generations.

16. Lindiwe Ndlovu

Lindiwe Ndlovu passed away in 2021, age 44 years old. She died in her sleep. She was known as Nelisiwe on Generations.

17. Joe Mafela

Joe Mafela died in 2017, age 75 years old. He died after being involved in car accident. It was reported that the cause of death was medical condition because he didn’t sustain an injury. He was known as Tebogo Moroka.

18. Busi Lurayi

Busi Lurayi passed away in 2022, age. She was found dead at her house. On Generations she was known as Swazi Lukhele.

19. Shona Ferguson

Shona Ferguson died in 2021, age 47 years. His cause of death was Covid-19 complications. He was known as Ace on Generations.

20. Mary Twala

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