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Makhadzi, the music sensation, has been making waves since January 31, 2021. She grabbed headlines on February 1st when three of her songs were crowned “songs of the year” on various radio stations. Fans showered her with praise and congratulations for her incredible music.

But wait, there’s more! Just yesterday, Makhadzi had everyone talking again. A video surfaced of her seemingly being dragged out of an airplane by a fellow artist known as the Limpopo boy. People were fuming, thinking it was real.

Surprise! It was all a stunt, a playful reenactment of a viral video where a guy kicked someone out of his car. Makhadzi shared the video, filled with laughter emojis, to reveal the hilarious truth. Even Master KG joined in with funny comments.

Apple Logo on Back of iPhone Has a Hidden Function: Here’s How to Use It

Unlocking the Hidden Apple Logo Feature in iOS 14

While it’s been several months since Apple released the iOS 14 update, many users have only recently discovered a hidden feature that lets them use the iconic Apple logo on the back of their devices for more than just aesthetics.

The Secret Function of the iPhone Apple Logo

This secret function, known as the Back Tap feature, is tucked away in iOS 14’s Accessibility settings and offers users a unique way to access various functions by tapping the Apple logo on the back of their device two or three times.

Customizable Functions

The Back Tap feature allows iPhone users to perform actions like taking a screenshot, opening the Control Center, activating the flashlight, and triggering Siri shortcuts, all through taps on the Apple logo. Users can customize the actions associated with double-tapping and triple-tapping the logo to suit their preferences.

Device Compatibility and Requirements

To use the Back Tap feature, your iPhone should be an iPhone 8 model or newer and must run on iOS 14 or later.

Not Just the Logo: Where You Tap Matters

Interestingly, you don’t have to tap directly on the Apple logo itself; any taps on the back of the device will work.

Activating the Back Tap Feature

To activate the Back Tap feature on your own device:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.
  3. Here, you’ll find a list of options that you can customize for both double-tap and triple-tap actions.

A Hidden Gem Discovered Four Months After Release

While Apple designed this feature with accessibility needs in mind, it has proven useful for a wide range of users. Despite its practicality, many iPhone owners only recently learned of its existence, thanks to an Instagram video shared by user @tenilleserpa.

iOS 14.4 Update and Security

In related news, Apple has also released the iOS 14.4 update, addressing three critical vulnerabilities found in iPhone devices. These vulnerabilities may have been exploited by cybercriminals, emphasizing the importance of keeping your device updated to prevent data breaches and security risks.

It’s worth noting that many users wonder why Apple didn’t highlight the Back Tap feature more prominently during the iOS 14 release, given its value as a handy addition for all users, not just those with accessibility needs.

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