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Former employee lifts the lid on Lerole, DJ Tira’s wife secret affair

Unveiling the Alleged Affair: Former Employee Exposes Tebogo Lerole and Gugu Khathi’s Secret Relationship

In a shocking revelation, former employee Slindile Khumalo has come forward to disclose details about the alleged secret affair between Kwela Tebza musician Tebogo Lerole and DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi. According to Khumalo, the two were reportedly attending events together and having private evenings at Khumalo’s former apartment.

Exposing the Secret Affair: Damning Letter and Unlawful Dismissal

Khumalo, who claims to have been a witness to Lerole and Khathi’s rendezvous, has sent a damning letter of demand to Lerole regarding her dismissal from Act Now, Lerole’s non-profit organization. In the letter, Khumalo challenges her alleged unlawful dismissal and accuses Lerole of using her apartment for private engagements with Khathi.

The letter, issued by Diaho Attorneys, states: “You have on several occasions brought Ms Khathi to the client’s apartment wherein you will be in her space even during evening hours.” It goes on to detail a specific occasion on November 19, 2020, where Lerole and Khathi allegedly spent the entire day together at the apartment.

In response to the allegations, Lerole and Khathi have denied being in a romantic relationship. Khathi, through her attorneys Movi Attorneys, sent a letter of demand to Khumalo, instructing her to refrain from making allegations and demanding an apology for the rumors.

“We are instructed to demand [that you] cease and desist from and/or causing any further harm to our client by communicating to the press/media and/or any third party to publish spurious, false, unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and defamatory statements impugning the reputation and character of our client,” reads Khathi’s letter.

Counterclaim: No Motive to Expose

Khumalo, through her lawyers, maintains that she did not expose the alleged relationship out of malice but rather to challenge her dismissal. The letter reads: “[Our] client has never informed any person regarding these events and had no motive none whatsoever to share your private engagements with third parties.”

The unfolding drama adds a layer of complexity to the personal lives of these public figures, leaving fans and the public eager to see how the situation will evolve.

Gugu Khathi’s Baptism: A Spiritual Turn Amidst Controversy

Amidst the controversy surrounding her personal life, Gugu Khathi took a spiritual turn by sharing a video of her water baptism. The video, posted on social media, features Khathi being immersed in a pool of water while wearing a white dress. She expressed gratitude for the “precious gift of baptism” and declared her faithfulness to the Lord, seeking protection from negative influences.

The baptism video comes shortly after a similar video featuring Cassper Nyovest went viral. As the entertainment industry witnesses more talents embracing spirituality, Khathi’s baptism adds a unique chapter to her journey amidst the ongoing rumors and legal disputes.

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