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Famous and broke: Female celebs who allegedly date for cash

Famous and broke: Female celebs who allegedly date for cash

Mzansi dragged several female celebs who allegedly dated for cash after Nota took a swipe at broke and famous celebs in a Twitter thread.

celebs who date for cash
South African A-lister celebrities. Image from Instagram/@faith.nketsi@minniedlamini@thuluphongolo

Nota Baloyi made it known that female celebrities date wealthy sugar daddies for cash to foot their lavish lives.

Mzansi was puzzled after Baloyi shared a Twitter thread taking a swipe at female celebrities and their soft life.

His thread was directed to legend Winnie Mashaba. However, the tweet has since implicated several celebrities in the mix.

“Winnie Mashaba can’t afford a Ben10 in real life. Your female celebrities are all broke women. Every single one of them is a broke woman. What’s worse is that they don’t even have rich fathers, they date men with money thinking they’re dating someone’s rich father. Get a degree ho!”


In the mix of things, we have connected the dots on several celebrities rumoured to have been in relationships of convenience for money.

According to the rumour mill, here is a list of female celebs who allegedly dated for cash.

celebs who date for cash
DJ Thuli Phongolo. Image from Instagram@thuliphongolo

Alleged affair of Edwin Sodi and Minnie Dlamini

According to ZAlebs, Minnie Dlamini was allegedly rumoured to be Edwin Sodi’s sidekick. Controversial blogger Musa Khawula went on drop Edwin Sodi’s hit list, which left Mzansi puzzled. The female celebrity hit list included:

  • Kefilwe Mabote
  • Minnie Dlamini
  • Jub Jub’s girlfriend, Matsatsi Rampa
  • Mihlali Ndamase

  • Karen Zulu
  • Kat Ncala
  • Disebo Makatsa (Dj Sbu’s ex)
  • Thuli Phongolo
  • Olivia Stephan
  • Lizelle Tabane
  • Sebabatso Mothibi


Reports have it that several female celebrities allegedly date for cash despite being famous. Here is a timeline of celebs who have been rumoured to date for cash.

Mandla Mthembu and Khanyi Mbau

Topping Mzansi’s list of female celebs who allegedly date for cash is Khanyi Mbau. She once dated on-time billionaire Mandla Mthembu who was older than her. Despite having a 30-year gap, Mbau was unbothered since her financial needs were being met.

Cindy Makhathini and Minister Malusi Gigaba

celebs who date for cash
Influencer Cindy Makhathini. Image from Twitter@cindymakhathin

According to Savanna News, Makhathini is also amongst the female celebs who allegedly date for cash. Her affair with Gigaba has seen her listed amongst celebs who allegedly date rich men for soft life.

At 17, she hogged headlines when she was implicated in an affair with former Minister of Finance of South Africa, Malusi Gigaba.

Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo

Nketsi has also been listed amongst female celebs who date for cash. According to Savanna News, the two allegedly called it quits after Njilo’s pockets ran dry. Speaking on the fallout, Nketsi’s close friend revealed that they thought he was rich but later discovered he was embroiled in debts and fraud cases. They are yet to address if they called it quits or not.


Innovative Tech Surge: Top Ten Gadgets Sweeping Across Africa

Africa, [Current Date]

In a remarkable stride towards technological advancement, Africa is witnessing a surge in the adoption of cutting-edge gadgets that cater to diverse needs. From urban metropolises to remote villages, these gadgets are reshaping lives and bridging the digital divide. Here’s a roundup of the top ten gadgets making waves across the continent.

1. Solar-Powered Mobile Charging Stations: Empowering Communities

In a bid to address energy challenges, solar-powered mobile charging stations are popping up across Africa. These innovative stations harness the abundant sunlight to charge mobile devices, providing a lifeline to off-grid communities.

2. Smart Agriculture Solutions: Boosting Crop Yields

Smart agriculture gadgets are transforming farming practices across the continent. From soil sensors to automated irrigation systems, these technologies empower farmers with real-time data, optimizing crop yields and resource utilization.

3. e-Learning Tablets: Revolutionizing Education

With the rise of digital education, affordable e-learning tablets are becoming a staple in African classrooms. These devices are pre-loaded with educational content, enabling students in both urban and rural areas to access quality learning resources.

4. Portable Water Purifiers: Tackling Water Scarcity

In regions grappling with water scarcity, portable water purifiers are emerging as lifesavers. These compact devices use advanced filtration techniques to provide clean and safe drinking water, mitigating health risks associated with contaminated water sources.

5. Solar-Powered Refrigerators: Preserving Perishables

In off-grid areas, where electricity access is limited, solar-powered refrigerators are proving indispensable. These eco-friendly appliances ensure the preservation of perishable goods, reducing food wastage and enhancing the quality of life.

6. Health Monitoring Wearables: Aiding Healthcare Access

The advent of health monitoring wearables is revolutionizing healthcare in Africa. From fitness trackers to vital sign monitors, these devices empower individuals to track and manage their health, offering increased accessibility to healthcare services.

7. Digital Payment Solutions: Transforming Financial Inclusion

Digital payment solutions are reshaping the financial landscape in Africa. Mobile money services and digital wallets are providing convenient and secure avenues for financial transactions, contributing to greater financial inclusion across the continent.

8. Off-Grid Solar Home Systems: Illuminating Rural Homes

Off-grid solar home systems are bringing light to rural households without reliable access to electricity. These solar solutions provide affordable and sustainable energy, improving the quality of life for millions in underserved communities.

9. Drones for Conservation: Safeguarding Wildlife

Conservation efforts in Africa are benefiting from the use of drones. These aerial devices aid in monitoring and protecting wildlife, combating poaching, and surveying vast landscapes to ensure the preservation of biodiversity.

10. Smart City Initiatives: Enhancing Urban Living

Several African cities are embracing smart city initiatives, incorporating technologies such as smart streetlights, waste management systems, and traffic monitoring. These initiatives aim to enhance urban living conditions, improve infrastructure, and foster sustainable development.

As Africa continues to embrace the digital era, these top ten gadgets are not only enhancing daily life but also paving the way for a more connected and tech-savvy future across the continent.

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