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Oops! SA reacts to video of Julius Malema’s leaking nose

President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema had social media users praising him for how he handled a recent embarrassing moment that happened to him during the launch of his party’s manifesto at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban on Saturday, 10 February.


EFF supporters gathered in KwaZulu Natal to listen to Julius Malema deliver the EFF’s manifesto. The event centered on the EFF’s election promises on land expropriation, job creation, and the country’s water and electricity crises, EWN reported.

Addressing the packed 56 000-capacity stadium, Africa News reported that Malema also expressed his commitment towards the people of Palestine. He’s said to also have claimed support for Russia, saying that NATO is allegedly disguising itself as Ukraine.

At a point during his speech, the EFF leader’s nose began leaking and was caught on video. After seeing Malema’s video with a leaking nose, social media trolls took to the comment section with their unsolicited nasty comments. However, Malema has gladly responded to the negativity surrounding the video. He shared that the heavy wind and rain on the day activated his sinuses.

“Thank you so much for your concern, fellow brothers and sisters; I don’t have flu. The heavy wind and rain activated my sinuses and I thought the rain was running through my face. I was heavily attacked,” Malema wrote on his timelines.

The rest of the social media users have since applauded Malema for breaking his silence on the incident and nipping any further negative comments in the bud.

“Warning: The content contained within this article features imagery which readers may find disturbing.”

Malema manifesto
EFF leader Julius Malema. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica


“I like the fact that he’s taking all that negativity lightly. He laughs about it… power’ @Dingswayo_N wrote.

“Love or hate him Julius is who he thinks he is 🤗,” @Ubuhleeee said.

“I thought you had flue all along my president 😆🤣😂😹. We love you 😍❤️,” @SthembiD replied.

“Wow! You thought that was rain?? Goodness me,” @SibusisoThabede reacted.

“So no fighter thought of giving you a handkerchief or tissue… 🤷🏽‍♀️   Haike,” @LihleGamaB asked.


Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF, recently addressed rumors surrounding his noticeable weight loss. At an EFF business gala dinner in Polokwane, Limpopo, he clarified that his slimmed-down appearance is not due to illness but rather a result of lifestyle changes he has made by choice.

Malema asserted that he feels healthier and more energetic, debunking speculations about HIV/AIDS or diabetes causing his weight loss. He even humorously mentioned that his performance hasn’t been negatively impacted by shedding pounds.

To dispel any doubts, Malema expressed his willingness to undergo public testing for various health conditions, including HIV/AIDS and diabetes. He emphasized that his overall well-being is intact, reassuring everyone that even his “manhood is still working.”

His lifestyle changes include abstaining from alcohol, reducing sugar intake, and consuming less pap. Malema’s commitment to health and fitness has been confirmed by EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who revealed Malema’s gym routine and dietary adjustments.

Malema cited former President Nelson Mandela’s advice to him about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, emphasizing the need for leaders to set a positive example for society. He remains unfazed by the attention his weight loss has garnered, stating that whether he was larger or slimmer, people would talk anyway.

Malema believes in inspiring a healthier society, advocating against obesity and encouraging others to adopt healthier lifestyles. He stresses the importance of leaders promoting wellness and serving as role models for future generations.

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