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Pam Andrews admits she wore provocative clothes to get attention

Former Rhythm City actress Pam Andrews recently celebrated her 40th birthday by opening up about her journey towards self-acceptance. In a candid video shared on social media, she reflected on her younger self’s need for validation from others to feel happy.

Andrews revealed that in her youth, she sought attention by being loud and wearing attention-grabbing outfits wherever she went. She confessed to purposely wearing outrageous attire to ensure all eyes were on her, even if it meant turning heads at the grocery store.

Despite her earlier behavior bringing temporary satisfaction, Andrews now realizes she was seeking validation from others to define her self-worth. She acknowledges that her need for external approval stemmed from unresolved issues with her inner child.

The former Backstage actress also opened up about her battle with depression after returning to South Africa from London in 2015. Despite initially intending to make a triumphant return to the entertainment industry, Andrews faced numerous setbacks and closed doors, leading her to a dark place.

Feeling blocked at every turn and struggling with comparisons to others’ success, Andrews hit rock bottom and temporarily gave up on her dreams. However, she has since embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, seeking therapy to address her inner struggles and find genuine happiness from within.



Pam Andrews reflecting on her life, now that she’s turning 40. #pamandrews

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Andrews’ willingness to share her personal experiences serves as a reminder of the importance of self-love and acceptance, and her journey resonates with many who may be struggling with similar challenges.

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