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Mampintsha’s mother dies Begging Babes Wodumo To Allow Her See Sponge

Mampintsha’s mother dies Begging Babes Wodumo To Allow Her See Sponge

Barely a month after the passing of her renowned son, Zamanguni Gumede, mother to Mampintsha, succumbed to a brief illness last year, aged 64, on a Sunday night at Wentworth Hospital.

The news of her unexpected demise was confirmed by Mampintsha’s sister, Pinki Gumede, who recounted the events leading up to their mother’s passing.

“I left her seemingly in good spirits, cracking jokes and sharing laughter. It came as a shock when I received a call urging me to return to the hospital as she wished to see us. Upon arrival, she was already under medical care, surrounded by doctors and nurses,” shared Pinki.

Reflecting on their final moments together, Pinki expressed her mother’s desire to bid farewell, particularly expressing a wish to see Sponge, Mampintsha’s son. However, Sponge was unavailable, a fact that saddened Zamanguni. Despite her deteriorating condition, she gave her blessings before passing away later that evening.

For Pinki, the loss of her mother compounds the grief she experienced just weeks earlier with Mampintsha’s death. Financially unprepared for such tragedies, Pinki revealed the added strain of managing expenses without adequate preparation.

“Mampintsha’s mother had been ailing for some time, and his passing exacerbated her condition. She was unable to walk unaided, requiring physical assistance,” she explained.

A few days after Mampintsha’s funeral, Zamanguni was admitted to Wentworth Hospital, where she spent her final moments. The family now mourns the loss of both Mampintsha and his mother, grappling with the weight of their absence and the financial burdens left behind.

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