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Hau😭Kodwa Zahara Hamba Kahle.

Zahara, the singer we all loved, is going back to her home in the Eastern Cape. She used to be known as Bulelwa Mkutukwana. Her body came to her house in Little Falls, Roodepoort early today, and soon it will fly to the Eastern Cape.

When her body got to her home in Roodepoort, her family was very sad. They cried a lot as they took her coffin inside the house. Her mom came from the Eastern Cape to see her one last time before she goes back home. Other family members also saw her before they say goodbye at her funeral next weekend.

Zahara’s music touched many hearts, and people will remember her. In the Eastern Cape, at King Phalo Airport in East London, her family, friends, and church will have a prayer. The Arts and Culture people said there will be a big memorial service in East London next week Friday to remember Zahara. The lady from Arts and Culture, Nonceba Kontsiwe, said Zahara’s music was special and left a big mark on South Africa.


Zahara will rest in her village of Phumlani on December 23. But while her body was going to the Eastern Cape, some fans noticed something strange. They thought the box holding Zahara didn’t look as nice as it should for someone so famous. Some people started saying DJ Sbu, tricked her when she was alive. It made the sad time even more confusing.

As we think about Zahara going home, we remember her music and the good moments she gave us. Even though things might be difficult, her memory will stay with us.


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