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Rekindled? DJ Maphorisa posts bedroom photo of Thuli Phongolo

Love may be like a phoenix for DJ Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo, rising from the ashes of drama! Or perhaps it never really took a break in the first place?

The beatsmith, also known as Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, recently took to his Instagram stories with a sly move that could make Sherlock Holmes raise an eyebrow. Picture this: a mirror image of Thuli, the former Generations: The Legacy star, gracing the Gram with her presence.


In this visual saga, Thuli strikes a pose in a bedroom, strategically showcasing her new BBL (that’s a Brazilian Butt Lift, folks – a cosmetic surgery extravaganza). The mirror doesn’t lie, and neither does Instagram, apparently.

The spicy snapshot first made its debut on Thuli’s Instagram stories, setting the stage for DJ Maphorisa to hit replay and share the same image, perfectly synchronized with his hit song “Bopha.” Talk about making a statement with style!

Now, this Instagram saga comes nearly three months after DJ Maphorisa’s assault case did the unthinkable – it withdrew itself from the spotlight. The music maestro and BlaqBoy Music label honcho found himself in legal limbo after allegedly giving Thuli a not-so-harmonious time at her Sandton residence.

After a bit of legal DJ-ing, the case dropped a beat, and Maphorisa was free to groove once more. But before you think it’s all peace and harmony, remember the NPA took a rain check on this decision.

NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane, with the eloquence of a courtroom virtuoso, stated, “We can confirm that the case against DJ Maphorisa was withdrawn after he lodged representations with the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions which were successful.” Cue mic drop.

In the midst of this legal symphony, the dynamic duo released a joint statement, proclaiming their desire to tango privately with this matter. They cited the emotional rollercoaster caused by public attention, but is it really a comeback if it’s not a rollercoaster?

The statement declared, “Consequently, Phongolo has since withdrawn the charges laid against Sekowe.” Mystery solved, or is it? Rumors of a car repossession remix lingered, with whispers in the air about Maphorisa reclaiming the vehicles he once gifted to Thuli.

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