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Prophet who ‘predicted’ AKA, Zahara’s death, warns Babes Wodumo


A Zimbabwean-born prophet, also known as Mellontik Orasi, has recently issued a somber warning regarding gqom singer Babes Wodumo. The prophet, who claims to have predicted the deaths of Zahara, AKA, and Costa Titch in 2023, shared his message on Facebook.

Mellontik Orasi, also known as Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi, asserted that he personally warned Zahara about his prophecies before her untimely passing. In a video message, he mentioned advising Zahara to take measures to preserve her life but claimed she responded dismissively, saying, “leave me alone.”

Earlier in the year, the self-proclaimed “prophet of doom” asserted that he had predicted Costa Titch’s death just over a week before the Amapiano artist’s sudden collapse on stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg.

According to Orasi, he has also predicted the deaths of other celebrities, including Riky Rick, Shona Ferguson, Jamie Bartlett, and more, with claims that some ignored his premonitions.

Following Zahara’s death, Orasi posted on Facebook with a warning directed at Babes Wodumo, stating, “Very gloomy cloud over Babes [Wodumo]. Prayer can preserve life.” Earlier in the year, he had urged Babes Wodumo’s friends to check on her due to concerns about substance abuse that could lead to health issues.

The prophet’s warnings have garnered attention, and his messages continue to circulate on social media, prompting discussions about the nature of such predictions and their impact on the individuals involved.

IN OTHER NEWS: Top-Paying Jobs in the World: Unveiling Lucrative Careers

In the ever-evolving landscape of the global job market, certain professions stand out not just for their prestige and influence but also for their hefty paychecks. Let’s explore a diverse array of high-paying jobs where financial success meets professional excellence.

1. Neurosurgeons: Masters of the Brain

Estimated Annual Salary: $500,000 – $1.5 million

At the zenith of the earnings pyramid are neurosurgeons, highly skilled medical professionals who navigate the delicate terrain of the human brain and spinal cord. With years of rigorous education and training, neurosurgeons command substantial salaries, reflecting both their expertise and the critical nature of their work.

2. Chief Technology Officers (CTOs): Tech Visionaries

Estimated Annual Salary: $150,000 – $300,000 or more

In an era dominated by technological advancements, CTOs emerge as key players in steering companies through the intricate realms of innovation. Responsible for overseeing a company’s technological strategy, CTOs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of organizations in the fast-paced tech landscape.

3. Petroleum Engineers: Fueling Prosperity

Estimated Annual Salary: $80,000 – $200,000

Petroleum engineers, essential to the extraction and production of oil and gas, enjoy lucrative salaries due to the global demand for energy resources. Their specialized knowledge ensures a steady paycheck and positions them among the top earners in the engineering field.

4. Investment Bankers: Masters of Finance

Estimated Annual Salary: $100,000 – $300,000, with bonuses often exceeding this range

Investment bankers, orchestrators of financial transactions, navigate the complex world of capital markets. Their financial acumen and ability to structure deals contribute to substantial earnings, often augmented by performance-based bonuses.

5. Airline Pilots: Soaring Above the Rest

Estimated Annual Salary: $100,000 – $300,000 or more

The responsibility of safely transporting passengers and cargo through the skies comes with substantial financial rewards for airline pilots. Their extensive training, coupled with the demand for air travel, places them among the highest earners in the transportation sector.

6. Data Scientists: Unraveling Insights in the Digital Age

Estimated Annual Salary: $80,000 – $150,000 or more

In the age of big data, data scientists are in high demand. Their ability to extract meaningful insights from vast datasets is rewarded with salaries that reflect the growing importance of data-driven decision-making across industries.

7. Surgeons (General): Precision in Practice

Estimated Annual Salary: $300,000 – $600,000 or more

General surgeons, skilled in a variety of surgical procedures, command significant salaries. Their expertise and the demand for surgical interventions contribute to their esteemed position among high earners in the medical field.

8. Software Development Managers: Orchestrating Code

Estimated Annual Salary: $100,000 – $150,000 or more

Software development managers, responsible for overseeing software projects, play a vital role in the tech industry. Their leadership and technical expertise are rewarded with salaries that reflect the strategic importance of software development.

9. Pharmacists: Dispensing Health and Wealth

Estimated Annual Salary: $100,000 – $150,000

Pharmacists, responsible for dispensing medications and ensuring patient safety, enjoy substantial salaries. The combination of their pharmaceutical knowledge and the critical role they play in healthcare contribute to their financial success.

10. Marketing Directors: Shaping Brand Success

Estimated Annual Salary: $80,000 – $150,000 or more

Marketing directors, orchestrators of brand strategy and promotion, play a pivotal role in driving business success. Their ability to shape consumer perceptions and drive revenue growth is reflected in their competitive salaries.

As professionals seek both personal fulfillment and financial prosperity, these top-paying jobs underscore the value placed on expertise and specialization in today’s competitive job market. While the pursuit of these careers demands dedication and resilience, the potential for significant financial rewards remains an enticing prospect for those willing to embark on these challenging yet rewarding paths.

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