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Setsetse took R15m life cover in DJ Sumbody’s name

Ralph Stanfield Denies Extortion Allegations Amid Ayepyep Lifestyle Controversy The alleged leader of the 28s gang, Ralph Stanfield, has responded to claims made by Kagiso Setsetse, business partner of DJ Sumbody, concerning the popular entertainment establishment, Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town.

Stanfield has refuted allegations that Setsetse extorted him, asserting instead that Setsetse obtained DJ Sumbody’s death certificate without the family’s consent in an effort to secure a R15 million life insurance payout from Momentum.

DJ Sumbody, also known as Oupa John Sefoka, was tragically killed in November 2022. Following his death, Setsetse alleged that he received death threats from Stanfield, prompting him to relocate to Dubai due to safety concerns.

However, Stanfield countered Setsetse’s claims, stating that the latter had evaded investigative officers involved in DJ Sumbody’s case. According to Stanfield, Setsetse’s relocation was prompted by his avoidance of law enforcement.

Stanfield indicated that detectives have been unable to obtain a statement from Setsetse and subsequently froze the insurance payout from Momentum.

Setsetse confirmed the existence of the life insurance policy but clarified that it was a “buy and sell insurance” agreement he had with DJ Sumbody, meant to cover business shares in the event of a death.

Despite Setsetse’s denial that the money had been frozen by Momentum, Stanfield accused him of attempting to tarnish his reputation.

The controversy surrounding Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town intensified in April when Setsetse sought a court order against the alleged mafia leader, Ralph Stanfield, due to concerns over income allocation to the establishment. Setsetse claimed that Stanfield was attempting to take control of the business.

In response, Setsetse temporarily closed the doors of Ayepyep Lifestyle Cape Town, citing alleged threats and extortion by Stanfield. Setsetse’s statement suggested that Stanfield’s influence appeared to extend beyond legal boundaries.

The dispute underscores the complexity of the situation and highlights the ongoing tension between Setsetse and Stanfield in the wake of DJ Sumbody’s tragic death. DJ

Apple Issues Warning: Charging iPhones Overnight Poses Serious Risks

Apple is sounding the alarm for iPhone users, cautioning against the potentially perilous habit of charging their devices overnight while they sleep. Although it’s a widespread practice, Apple is shedding light on the potential dangers and urging users to reconsider, as it could even lead to life-threatening situations.

Charging your iPhone overnight, particularly if it’s covered and unable to properly dissipate heat, can result in hazardous overheating. In extreme cases, this overheating might even trigger a fire. Apple is driving home the point that sleeping with a charging device beneath a pillow, blanket, or against the body can lead to severe consequences: fire, electric shock, injuries, or damage to the iPhone and property.

The situation becomes more precarious when third-party chargers are involved, as these may not adhere to Apple’s rigorous safety standards. Apple strongly advises users to opt for “Made for iPhone” cables and chargers that comply with internationally recognized safety regulations and standards. Utilizing substandard chargers or charging in close proximity to liquids can pose grave threats, including fire and electric shock.

Apple is also urging users to steer clear of charging near water, discard any cables or chargers showing signs of damage, and ensure proper ventilation during charging. This cautionary advisory underscores the critical need for responsible charging practices to safeguard both users and their cherished devices.

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