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WATCH – DJ Sbu reveals why he drives an old car and uses a 2010 phone

DJ Sbu Breaks the Mold: Embracing Simplicity, Land Ownership, and Unfashionable Choices

DJ Sbu, the renowned entrepreneur and music executive, is making waves on social media after candidly revealing why he proudly owns and drives an old car while showcasing his vintage Samsung phone from 2010. In a viral video that has sparked a lively debate, DJ Sbu emphasizes his departure from following fashionable trends and confidently expresses contentment with his unconventional lifestyle choices.

Despite the societal pressures to keep up with the latest trends, DJ Sbu proudly shared his commitment to a simpler life. In the video, he showcases his old car, emphasizing that it’s not about the model’s age but the fact that it is fully paid off – a testament to prioritizing financial responsibility.

“I am driving an old car that is probably your age if you were born in 2000,” DJ Sbu quips, challenging the societal norms of constant upgrades. He encourages those who prioritize essential aspects of life and drive a paid-off vehicle, celebrating a mindset that goes against the grain of consumer-driven expectations.

DJ Sbu takes his commitment to simplicity further by revealing his well-worn Samsung phone from 2010, adorned with multiple cracks. Unfazed by the latest gadget trends, he reiterates his departure from the competitive world of regularly acquiring new models of cars and cell phones.


“I left that life a long time ago. This fashion of competing with people and buying new models of cars and cell phones every year,” he candidly declares.

Beyond his embrace of simplicity, DJ Sbu shifts the focus to his significant achievements, proudly announcing his ownership of land. The seasoned DJ is unapologetic about building his success on solid foundations, emphasizing that any income he receives will contribute to the development of his land.

“I’ve got land, and any money that I get will be towards building off my land. Your rent money will help me buy that new car,” DJ Sbu confidently declares, emphasizing the importance of investments and long-term planning.

As the video continues to resonate across social media platforms, DJ Sbu’s unapologetic embrace of simplicity, land ownership, and prioritizing financial responsibility sparks discussions about individual choices, societal expectations, and the true markers of success.

In a world driven by consumerism, DJ Sbu’s story stands as a testament to the power of contentment, financial prudence, and paving one’s path outside of conventional norms.

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