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Top 5 Mzansi Celebrities Who Got Pregnant During Lockdown

Mzansi’s Maternal Marvels: A Silver Lining Amid the Pandemic

During the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, several South African celebrities have embraced the joy of impending parenthood, generously sharing their uplifting news through social media. Despite the hardships of the deadly novel infection, these media personalities continue to chronicle their journeys, offering a beacon of hope to their devoted followers.

Top 6 Mzansi Celebrities Embracing Parenthood in Lockdown

In the midst of uncertainty, some notable figures stand out for choosing to celebrate life amid the lockdown. Here, we highlight the top five Mzansi celebrities who have joyously announced their pregnancies during these trying times.

Jo-Ann Strauss: A Motherhood Journey Unfolds

Jo-Ann Strauss, already a mother of three, is gearing up to welcome her fourth child in the near future. Making the announcement on Mother’s Day, she consistently shares her pregnancy journey on Instagram. Despite her wealth of motherhood experience, Strauss openly acknowledges the challenges of parenting, offering an authentic glimpse into her third trimester.

Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi: A Musical Maestro’s Fatherhood Debut

Renowned local rapper Cassper Nyovest and his girlfriend Thobeka Majozi recently celebrated the arrival of their firstborn, expressing sheer joy. Nyovest had previously hinted at impending fatherhood months before, cleverly incorporating the news into the title of his album, “Any Minute Now (AMN),” via a tweet.

Busisiwe Thwala’s Radiant Journey

Media personality Busisiwe Thwala has chosen to share her enchanting pregnancy journey with her devoted followers. Through an uplifting Instagram post, she invites others to join her in celebrating the imminent arrival of her bundle of joy.

Zola Nombona’s Double Delight: Pregnancy and Partnerships

Zola Nombona, in an exciting revelation, announced her pregnancy, confirming that her ‘partner in crime’ is none other than Thomas Gumede. The news adds a touch of double delight to the actress’s life, and she eagerly shares her happiness with her followers.

In the face of adversity, these Mzansi celebrities showcase resilience and optimism, proving that life can still flourish even in challenging times.

IN OTHER NEWS: Somizi Mhlongo’s Playful Tease: Pregnancy Rumors Ignite Social Media Frenzy

South African media personality and Idols judge, Somizi Mhlongo, has ignited a storm on social media by flaunting what appears to be a baby bump, leaving fans in speculation over whether he is truly expecting.

Captioning the Curiosity: A Social Media Stir

The frenzy began when Mhlongo posted a picture on Instagram, cradling what seemed to be a baby bump. In a playful manner, he tagged friends Kelly Khumalo and Dj Lamiez Holworthy, suggesting they should form a club together.

” @lamiez_holworthy @Kellykhumaloza let’s start a club,” Somizi wrote alongside the intriguing image.

Jovial Reactions and Accusations

Lamiez Holworthy, who is expecting her first child with singer Khuli Chana, humorously accused Somizi of trolling her in the comment section. She playfully threatened to inform her mom about being trolled, sparking laughter among followers.

Kelly Khumalo, also anticipating her third child, is yet to respond to Mhlongo’s post, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her reaction.

Fan Reactions: Laughter and Speculation

Somizi’s followers found his Instagram post to be a source of amusement, with many expressing humor and curiosity about the identity of the potential baby daddy.

Some notable reactions include:

  • @mihlalii.n: “iMama’s 🤣🤣🤣💗💗💗”
  • @emiliajerem30: “@Kellykhumaloza please be the band leader because whuuuuuu shem, som som here haah ah man 😂😂😂”
  • @ndako1208: “Sicela ukubona baby daddy before the band is formed som som😂😂😂”
  • @mari_aa5974: “First man in SA to have a baby in the stomach. And make a challenge with lamiez😂”

Past Antics: Somizi’s History of Pregnancy Rumors

This isn’t the first time Somizi has sparked pregnancy rumors. In October, he set social media abuzz by posting a video donning an oversized orange t-shirt, revealing a visible baby bump while on a call with his alleged baby daddy. The media personality, already a father to one daughter, continues to keep his followers entertained with his playful and enigmatic online presence.

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