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Skeem Saam actors who started acting at young age

Skeem Saam: Nurturing Talent from Young Ages to Onscreen Maturity

Since its inception in 2011, Skeem Saam has not only been a staple in South African television but has also served as a platform for talented actors who started their careers at a young age.

The show, revolving around the themes of youth and education, has become a beacon for nurturing young talent, allowing viewers to witness characters growing up onscreen.

Here, we delve into the journeys of Skeem Saam actors who embarked on their acting careers as adolescents and have since matured into seasoned onscreen personalities.

1. Clement Maosa as Kwaito

Clement Maosa, famously known as Kwaito, has been a part of Skeem Saam since its inception in 2011. Starting as a teenager in high school, Kwaito’s character has evolved over the years.

Viewers have witnessed him transition from a student to a university enrollee and, most recently, to a qualified teacher at Turfloop High School. Maosa’s impressive 12-year stint with the show highlights the unique opportunity for actors to grow with their characters.

2. Patrick Seleka as Katlego (Kat)

Patrick Seleka, who plays Katlego (Kat) on Skeem Saam, embarked on his journey with the show in its inaugural season. His character faced numerous challenges, including racism and financial crises, providing viewers with a poignant portrayal of real-life struggles.

From discrimination as a chef to growing into a resilient character, Katlego’s evolution onscreen has mirrored Seleka’s own acting growth.

3. Mogau Motlatswi as Mapitsi Magongwa

Mogau Motlatswi has been a part of Skeem Saam since its inception, portraying the character of Mapitsi Magongwa. Starting as a student at Turfloop High School, Mapitsi has matured into a working professional. Motlatswi’s portrayal has included a captivating love story, marriage, and a journey into adulthood, captivating viewers as they witness the character’s life milestones.

4. Lerato Marabe as Pretty Seakamela

Lerato Marabe, who began acting at the age of 11, has been an integral part of Skeem Saam. Her character, Pretty Seakamela, has grown from a kid to a high school student and now into a young woman with a compelling love story. The recent engagement storyline with Lehasa has added layers to Pretty’s character, demonstrating Marabe’s ability to breathe life into her role.

5. Oratile Maitisa as Eunice

Oratile Maitisa, who started acting on Skeem Saam at the age of 13, has portrayed the character of Eunice. Eunice’s storyline, including a relationship with Fanie and an unexpected windfall, showcases the character’s growth and challenges. Maitisa’s journey from a young actor to a more mature performer mirrors Eunice’s own evolving narrative.

6. Lesego Marakalla as Rachel Kanutu

Lesego Marakalla, known for her role as Rachel Kanutu, acted on Skeem Saam for almost eight years. Viewers witnessed Rachel’s journey from high school to dating an older man and eventually getting married. Marakalla’s decision to leave acting in 2020 to pursue a different career at the university showcased her dedication to personal growth and development.

7. Amanda Manku as Lizzy Thobakgale

Amanda Manku, who joined Skeem Saam in July 2013, portrays Elizabeth Thobakgale, commonly known as Lizzy. Manku’s incredible acting talent has been a significant draw for viewers. Her character’s evolution, spanning close to a decade, culminated in Lizzy becoming a qualified doctor, showcasing both Manku’s acting prowess and the show’s ability to provide longevity for its cast members.

Skeem Saam, a show committed to portraying the journey of its characters, has not only entertained audiences but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of these talented actors who started their journeys at young ages. As the show continues to unfold its captivating narratives, viewers can anticipate more growth, challenges, and milestones for these actors and their onscreen personas.

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