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South African Female Celebrities Who Secretly Share The Same Baby Daddy

They say “sharing is caring” and these female celebs took it and ran with it.

Lerato Zah Moloi and Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete, Collen Mashawana and Lerato Zah Moloi

Can you believe these two were once besties at one point? Maybe the fact that they both like the same type of men was one of the reasons why thing didn’t work out, but they will always be tied for life because they have the same baby daddy.

Granted Lerato got Colin Mashawana a rich vendor businessman first, dated, married but unfortunately divorced him later. Their marriage produced their son Prince Mashawana who is nine years old this year. Thembi Seete then began dating him in 2017.

Although the two tried to keep things under wraps, they were outed when they were photographed together at a wedding in 2018. In that same year, Thembi gave birth to her son Dakalo who is four years old this year. It’s unclear if the two are still together since Thembi is very private.

In any case both women are getting their child support coins at the end of each month without fail because Colin is filthy rich after all.

Nonku Williams and Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane, Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams

In addition to being co stars in the Real Housewives Of Durban thet also share the same baby father, the late Sfiso Ncwane. All along we thought Sfiso and Ayanda had the perfect wedding. The two got married and had two kids but he unfortunately died in 2016 due to kidney failure.

Then boom Nonku dropped the bomb in the first episode of Real Housewives of Durban. they definitely did it for the ratings but still… While the question on everyone’s lips was “did Sfiso cheat on Ayanda with Nonku? ”

Phupho Gumede, Ayanda’s brother claims Sfiso and Nonku got together while him and Ayanda were on a break. So for everyone who wants to point out that Ayanda’s so is older than Nonku’s Nothile, they can go argue with their ancestors, because that’s Ayanda’s story and she is sticking to it.

Ayanda knew about Nothile, she accepted her, introduced to the other kids and even took her to Sfiso’s grave. Even after all that Nonku and the family had the liver to tell Ayanda, she had to pay damages for Nothile because Sfiso was about to do it before he died. A crazy move because Ayanda wasn’t the one who got Nonku pregnant!

Sithelo Shozi And Tamia Mpisane

Sithelo Shozi, Andile and Tamia Mpisane

If drama is what you want them Sithelo and Andile have loads! Sithelo and Andile Mpisane met and dated for two half years. Sithelo had two children with him then Tamia came onto the scene while Sith and Andile were on the rocks.

Tamia pulled the move of the decade by getting married to him quickly. Soon after that, her daughter Miandy was born. Sithelo had told her fans that leaving a man for cheating was weird and that not even a lion could separate her from Andile.

Tamia the lion came and started dating Andile while Sithelo was pregnant with her second child. By the time Sithelo found out, Andy was already getting married to Tamia and there was nothing Sithelo could do about it.

Then there is the issue about Sithelo’s second daughter’s paternity. While Andile has accepted Baby Flo he is demanding a DNA test for Coco which is funny because Coco is a carbon copy of his sister Sbahl and he himself along with his mother even wished Coco a happy birthday a few weeks ago but we all know celebrities love drama.

Judie Kama and Zukie Vutela

Zookie Vutela, Judie Kama And Kay Sibiya

In 2014 Kay Sibiya got radio personality Zookie pregnant. Not only was she 11 years older than him but the two were not even in a relationship. They were just having fun then boom… and baby makes three. At the time Kay wasn’t too keen on a baby and demanded for a DNA test just in case it was all a bad dream. Well, three years and three DNA facilities later he finally accepted that the baby was his.

He spends time with her from time to time and makes sure those child support chequea don’t bounce. A few years later he met social media influencer Judie Kama. The two then had their son. They broke up sometime in 2020. However they resolved their problems and are planning on getting married in the near future.

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