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TV Personality Ayanda Ncwane Shares Astonishing Near-Death Experience

TV Personality Ayanda Ncwane Shares Astonishing Near-Death Experience

TV personality Ayanda Ncwane has opened up about a profound near-death experience that left her grappling with the spiritual realm. In a revealing video clip, Ayanda recounted her encounter with a towering, otherworldly figure that announced her impending demise.

Describing the incident that transpired at 2 am, Ayanda detailed how the colossal being approached her bed, conveying a chilling message that her soul was to be collected and her life was to end that day. Struggling to convey the emotions she felt, Ayanda spoke of witnessing her own life flash before her eyes in mere seconds.

As the spirits persisted in their mission to claim her, Ayanda fought to resist their pull, her determination rooted in her unwillingness to abandon her children. In a pivotal moment, as the spirit sought to escort her through the hospital door, a voice intervened, informing her that her earthly assignment remained unfulfilled.

Upon her return to consciousness, Ayanda startled nurses by defying the fate the spirits had seemingly decreed. Grateful for her second chance at life, Ayanda pledged to embrace her spiritual calling and use her voice to share the Word of God and offer prayers for the sick.

Pastor Songezo Joseph Fulani acknowledged such experiences were not uncommon, though discerning their nature remained a challenge. He acknowledged that divine interventions and miracles could bring someone back to life after a supposed death, while cautioning against imitation by those seeking to deceive.

Ayanda’s extraordinary account stands as a testament to the inexplicable and profound, echoing the age-old fascination with the realms beyond our understanding.

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