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True love never dies. Lasizwe and Cedric Fourie back together

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, who had previously announced a fallout with former friend Cedric Fourie, has surprisingly revealed a potential reconciliation between the two just in time for the festive season. In an unexpected turn of events, rumors circulating this month suggest that Lasizwe and Cedric have rekindled their once-close bond.

Cedric wrote the following caption on his social media handle, Dear Lasizwe, I’m sorry for making you upset, even though I’m innocent🤷🏽‍♂️ but askies. Here’s to 2024 🍻🍾

Cedric Fourie

He also posted a picture of them together and wrote: Excitement 😃@Lasizwe

Lasizwe confirmed these speculations in response to media inquiries, marking a significant shift from his earlier stance on their strained relationship. The rift between the two personalities had become public when Lasizwe declared on social media that he and Cedric were no longer on speaking terms, with the additional announcement that they would not be collaborating professionally.

Their initial connection had garnered attention in 2019 when Lasizwe hinted at a romantic involvement with Cedric. However, Cedric, who was part of Lasizwe’s reality show, ‘Fake It till You Make It,’ clarified on the show that they were not romantically involved but rather close friends.

Following Cedric’s departure from the reality show, the two refrained from sharing glimpses of their friendship on social media. The situation took an unexpected turn when Lasizwe, during a recent episode of his YouTube show ‘Drink or Tell The Truth’ with Norma Mngoma, expressed his reluctance to collaborate with Cedric again.

When asked about the person he least wishes to work with again in the industry, Lasizwe promptly named Cedric. Norma inquired about the reasons behind this decision, prompting Lasizwe to shed light on the dynamics that led to their falling out.

“Cedric and I were really good friends. The reason I don’t want to work with him again is that I think, where I got it all wrong was when I started mixing people with him. That’s why I learned that in life, never mix your friends because they are friends with you for a reason,” Lasizwe explained on the show. “The other fulfills a certain purpose and the other also fulfills a certain purpose. Never mix that,” he added.

This revelation has sparked curiosity among fans, eager to witness whether this revived connection between Lasizwe and Cedric will endure or if it’s just a festive season rumor.

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