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‘Sponge Wodumo Primary School’: Babes takes her son to crèche

Capturing the precious moment, she posted images of the toddler donned in a school uniform, drawing attention to the school’s logo, which left netizens pleasantly surprised.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha Introduce Sponge to the World

The announcement of Sponge’s arrival came when Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha revealed the pregnancy on their hit reality TV series, Uthando Lodumo, which premiered on Showmax on 30 June 2021. Sponge, born on 16 June, was joyfully introduced to the world through a special Instagram post from the hospital.

In a caption, Babes Wodumo expressed her gratitude, stating, “Unkulunkulu emuhle njalo (God is always good). Our beautiful blessing is finally here.”

Adorable Sponge Captures Hearts on Social Media

Since Sponge’s arrival, the couple has been sharing delightful videos of their bundle of joy on social media, showcasing their love for parenthood. Fans and followers of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha have also joined in the admiration, expressing their love for the adorable little boy.

Sponge Takes on School Life with Style

Recently, Babes Wodumo delighted fans by sharing images of Sponge in a school uniform, complete with cute baby slippers. Although the first glance may raise questions about the absence of proper school shoes, closer inspection reveals the creativity behind the attire.

Mampintsha’s Facebook account featured another picture displaying the school badge, revealing Sponge’s educational destination: “Sponge Wodumo Primary School.” Fans were quick to appreciate Babes Wodumo’s imaginative touch in creating a custom school uniform for the tiny tot.

Netizens React to Sponge’s School Debut

Social media users couldn’t contain their excitement upon seeing Sponge in his school attire. Comments flooded in, with users expressing their amusement and love for the unique initiative:

  • Lungani Ndlive praised, “So the boy has his own school. Nice! 👍”
  • Wandile Bhungane Mthimkulu envisioned, “Sponge High School 🤞😅 I see it coming.”
  • Leeh Buthelezi playfully dubbed Sponge, “The principal, Sponge.”
  • Sthombe Biyela KaMzulwini couldn’t help but find it cute, “😂 😂 😂 So cute. 😍 😍”
  • Ntuli KaBongwa KaSonkophe simply shared, “Love this ❤️.”

Even amid the laughter and joy, the consensus remained that Sponge’s unique school debut had captured the hearts of many.

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