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Haibo, DJ Tira is the real father of Babes Wodumo’s son ‘Spontshi Wodumo’?

Oh, DJ Tira Revealed as Alleged Biological Father of Babes Wodumo’s Son ‘Spontshi Wodumo’

Babes Wodumo and DJ Tira find themselves at the center of recent controversies. In a surprising twist, allegations have emerged suggesting that the late Mamphitsha might not be the biological father of Babes Wodumo’s son, ‘Spontshi Wodumo,’ but rather, DJ Tira.

Amid DJ Tira’s birthday celebrations, these daring claims have stirred conversations, prompting South Africans to connect the dots. Babes Wodumo initially took to social media to extend birthday wishes to DJ Tira, but the ensuing shockwaves were unexpected.

The comment section erupted with speculation, casting doubt on Mamphitsha’s status as the real father. Mzansi social media users flooded the platform with remarks like “Now here’s Spontshi’s real father,” and “let him pay child support.”

As Babes Wodumo shared a series of pictures on her timeline, she became the target of trolling. Social media users questioned her choices, her past marriage to Mamphitsha, and now, the paternity of her son.

Responding to the allegations, Babes Wodumo, who has endured persistent trolling, decided to take a stand. Expressing her frustration, she addressed the rumors and questioned the credibility of the claims. She pointed out the absurdity of the accusations, asking about DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, and her stance on the matter.

Unyielding to the persistent trolls, Babes Wodumo resolved to take legal action. She warned trolls that they should anticipate legal letters soon, and in a bid to expose the harassment, she posted screenshots of the derogatory comments directed at her.

One particular troll, identified as Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane, commented on Babes Wodumo’s physical appearance. Babes Wodumo sought the help of her followers to identify the individual, indicating that her legal team was attempting to contact Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane regarding her disparaging remarks.

The unfolding drama continues as Babes Wodumo confronts the challenges brought on by social media scrutiny, with legal action becoming her chosen recourse against persistent trolling.

‘The boy has his own school?’: Netizens on Sponge Wodumo

Babes Wodumo posted a picture of her son Sponge on social media. Netizens were left guessing whether or not Babes was serious.

Gqom queen Babes Wodumo’s son Sponge Wodumo whom she had with the late Kwaito star Mampintsha was off to school on Wednesday last week (18 January). Facebook users were convinced that the little boy was his school’s principal.


The Wololo hitmaker shared pictures of Sponge dressed in uniform on her late husband’s Facebook account.

She captioned,

“Back to school, boy 😂😂❤️.”

In the picture, the tiny tot was dressed in navy slippers and a beige beanie with his uniform. He could be seen smiling and eager to learn.

Sponge seems to be still learning how to stand and walk on his own, as he doesn’t appear to be standing upright in one of the pictures. And, in the rest of the shared pictures, he is held by an older woman that might be one of the gqom queen’s aunties or Sponge’s nanny.

After netizens viewed the one pictures, their hearts were pulled by the cuteness overload in the little boy’s attire.

One of the commenters wrote,

“So cute ❤️.”

Another commenter said,

“Woow! So cute. Fuze mamakhe [Just like his mama] .❤️❤️❤️❤️”

In one of the pictures shared, Babes Wodumo zoomed into the uniform’s logo on Sponge’s shirt pocket which read:

“SW – Sponge Wodumo Primary School.”

Sponge Wodumo
Babes Wodumo shared a post insinuating her son Sponge had his own school. Image via Facebook @Mampintsha


When Facebook users saw the close-up logo picture on the toddler’s white school shirt, they were taken aback by the ideas that Sponge could have such an establishment at his age.

One social media user wrote,

“Sponge Wodumo Primary School…Ufunda eskolweni sakhe [He goes to his own school?]

Another asked,

“So the boy has his own school? Nice. 👍”

The rest of the social media users laughed at the comments and took the mischievous gqom star’s post as one of her silly jokes.

Do you think Sponge really owns his own school? Why? Leave a comment below.

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