Late-Night Argument Ends in Cold-Blooded Murder as Swazelihle Mshengu Stabs Husband Sanele Cele in His Sleep

Tragedy struck in a twisted tale of love turned fatal, as Sanele Cele, a 30-year-old man from KwaMachi in Harding, met his untimely demise allegedly at the hands of his fiancée. Sources say the fatal incident occurred just hours after a heated argument between the ill-fated couple, marking a dark turn in what was supposed to be a blissful union.

The heart-wrenching news reached Sanele’s family through an early-morning call from their father, urging his older brother, Njabulo, to rush to the hospital. What awaited him was a grim reality – Sanele had succumbed to a fatal stab wound, a tragedy that has left the family grappling with disbelief and sorrow.

Njabulo, in an interview with ZiMoja, expressed the family’s anguish, demanding justice for their fallen brother. “How is she going to face us as a family after what she did to our brother? How can she kill the father of her child, worse in his sleep?” he questioned, highlighting the family’s profound sense of betrayal.

Sanele’s sister, Sihle, shed light on the tumultuous dynamics within the ill-fated relationship. Despite having paid lobola for his fiancée in March, the family observed a troubling shift in the couple’s dynamics. Sihle revealed, “She was very manipulative and did not want him to be close to us.” The family, initially welcoming her into their fold, now grapples with the stark reality that they may have gained not a sister, but an alleged murderer.

The grieving family emphasized the tragedy’s devastating impact on the couple’s child, who is now left without both parents. Njabulo alleged a premeditated plan, citing Sanele’s purported intoxication on the day of the incident. “She planned this because we were told that Sanele was drunk on the day of the incident. We know Sanele does not like fighting especially when he is drunk. He will just sleep,” he claimed.

Confirming the incident, KZN SAPS spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda detailed that KwaMakhutha police are investigating the murder case. The accused, a 24-year-old woman, is slated to appear in court on a murder charge. The courtroom is poised to be a stage for justice, where the family hopes to see their makoti face the consequences of her alleged actions.


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