22 ECD Pupils from David Livingstone School Kidnapped In Shocking Incident

Harare Community Shaken by Terrifying Abduction of 22 David Livingstone School Early Childhood Development Pupils

In an appalling incident that has left the Harare community in shock, 22 Early Childhood Development (ECD) pupils from David Livingstone Primary School were abducted yesterday afternoon, creating a wave of disbelief and concern among parents and educators.

The distressing event unfolded when a kombi driver, responsible for transporting the children from school to their homes in Kuwadzana, took an unexpected and unauthorized route, deviating from the usual path. This departure from the norm set off alarm bells, sparking fears for the safety of the young children.

The situation took a terrifying turn as reports from The Herald reveal that the nightmare came to an end when a vigilant motorist discovered the stranded children in Macheke. The kombi had run out of fuel, leaving the children in ECDA and B classes in a state of distress. Promptly reacting to the alarming discovery, the motorist reported the incident to the police.

The swift response from law enforcement led to the apprehension of the kombi driver, who now faces the consequences of his actions. Concerned for the well-being of the traumatized children, they were rushed to Marondera Hospital for a thorough medical examination.

Investigations into the incident uncovered a disturbing revelation: some parents in Kuwadzana had been making regular payments to the kombi driver for the transportation services provided to their children. This revelation raises troubling questions about the driver’s intentions and his potential involvement in the community.

While authorities are diligently working to ensure the safety of the young victims, the motive behind this distressing incident remains unclear. The police are actively interviewing the apprehended driver in an effort to unravel the circumstances surrounding the abduction. The lack of a detailed statement from the police has heightened suspense and anxiety within the community.

The shocking kidnapping of these 22 ECD pupils has sent shockwaves through Harare, leaving parents, educators, and the entire community demanding answers. As the investigation unfolds, the primary focus remains on guaranteeing the safety and well-being of the young victims, and the community anxiously awaits a comprehensive statement from the police to shed light on this alarming and unsettling incident.

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