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Gogo Maweni shocked fans again

Renowned South African sangoma Gogo Maweni recently unveiled the ongoing construction of her impressive two-story home. Widely celebrated for her success as a sangoma, she has previously showcased her prosperity through luxury car purchases and extravagant vacations.

Gogo Maweni, a beloved figure among fans, pleasantly surprised them by not only planning to reconstruct her parents’ house but also by sharing updates on the progress on social media. Displaying her happiness and gratitude on Instagram, she revealed that the mansion was already at the roofing stage and appeared to be nearing completion.

Upon sharing a video of her new residence, fans expressed admiration and enthusiasm for Gogo Maweni’s accomplishments. Despite some skeptics, like Bheki Mntungwa, questioning the decision to showcase success, many celebrated her achievements and the commitment to improving her parents’ living situation.

Mzansi was left in awe after witnessing the progress of Gogo Maweni’s double-storey mansion, particularly marveling at the sparkling cleanliness of her bathroom. Fans were pleasantly shocked to find no snakes present, a surprise given Gogo Maweni’s known affinity for keeping snakes.

Despite her unconventional choice of pets, the absence of serpents in her pristine bathroom added an unexpected twist to the narrative, leaving followers both impressed and intrigued. The attention to cleanliness and the surprising lack of snakes further fueled the admiration for Gogo Maweni’s accomplishments and her dedication to ensuring a comfortable and well-maintained home.

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