Cake Lootist Reportedly Died Of INyongo

Tragic Demise of Cake Lootist: iNyongo Claims Cake-Lover’s Life

Reports emerging from KwaZulu-Natal indicate that the infamous cake-loving looter, Zakhele Ndlovu, has met an untimely end, allegedly succumbing to iNyongo, a condition believed to be caused by excessive sugar consumption. The sweetness of the looted cake proved fatal for Zakhele before law enforcement could apprehend him.

According to an anonymous close friend, Zakhele’s love for sugar was well-known, and the friend had long foreseen the potential consequences. “Ay’lasti sugar kubo” (Sugar doesn’t last at Zakhele’s house), my friend loves sugar like a bee. Even in primary school, he consistently faced trouble for pilfering sweet treats. It seems he had developed an addiction to consuming sugar over the years.

On the ill-fated day, Zakhele seemingly reveled in his sugary loot, experiencing an energy surge that was described as if he were “high on something.” The anonymous friend revealed, “He always says he needed some sugar every time he wanna do something that needs some nerves. Some people get high or drink alcohol. Zakhele ate sugar.”

The late cake lootist was also rumored to be an avid fan of sugar cane. In 2016, he reportedly trespassed into a sugarcane farm, remaining there for four months and sustaining himself solely on sugarcane.

The tragic tale of Zakhele Ndlovu serves as a cautionary reminder of the potential dangers associated with excessive sugar consumption, even in the most unusual circumstances.

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