Zolisa Xaluva fired from #etvSmokeAndMirrors

In a surprising turn of events, the esteemed actor Zolisa Xaluva, who had recently graced the screens of e.tv’s popular telenovela “Smoke and Mirrors” in the role of Caesar, has reportedly been dropped from the cast.

The revelation comes from entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, who took to social media to share the unexpected news of Xaluva’s departure from the acclaimed show.

In a tweet that sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, Mphela announced, “Zolisa Xaluva fired from #etvSmokeAndMirrors. The prolific award-winning actor has been let go from the hit e.tv telenovela — which is the 7th most watched show in South Africa. The role of ruthless businessman, Caesar, will likely be recast.”

The departure of Xaluva, known for his exceptional talent and contribution to the world of acting, has left fans perplexed and eager for more details. The role of Caesar, portrayed by the talented actor, is now expected to undergo a recasting process, raising questions about the future dynamics of the show.

Interestingly, the circumstances surrounding Xaluva’s exit remain shrouded in mystery. Despite attempts to unveil the reasons behind this abrupt decision, the acclaimed actor has yet to provide any comments on the matter. The South African reached out to Zolisa Xaluva for a statement, but he was not available at the time of publishing this article.

As news of Xaluva’s departure spread, fans of “Smoke and Mirrors” took to social media to express their varied reactions. Among the voices, @iamdjmfundisi drew a parallel to the political era of Jacob Zuma, stating, “I’m reminded of the JZ era where his cabinet was always reshuffled at midnight.”

Meanwhile, @indlovukazi_3 shared a perspective on Xaluva’s track record, noting, “This guy always gets fired from every show he is in. The unfortunate part is he kills every role, and he is very talented.”

In a staunch defense of the actor, @NmabokelaNonoza asserted, “They are wrong. Xolisa is well behaved, I don’t care what he did. But the guy is a legend and doesn’t have bad manners. So, in this case, etvsmokers are wrong.”

Echoing similar sentiments, @thoriiso_m placed the blame on the production team, stating, “Yes. The production team is the one that is wrong, Zolisa could never.”

As fans grapple with the unexpected exit of a beloved actor from their screens, the lingering question remains: What led to Zolisa Xaluva’s departure from “Smoke and Mirrors,” and how will the show adapt to this unforeseen development? Only time will tell as the industry awaits further updates on this unfolding saga.

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