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7 Celebrities Who Adopted Children in South Africa

1. Bonnie Mbulie
Actors Who Adopted

Renowned actress and TV personality Bonnie Mbulie takes pride in her two sons, Micaiah and Hanniel. While Micaiah is her biological son, Hanniel is an adopted child. Adopted at the age of three months, Hanniel holds a special place in Mbulie’s heart, and the 42-year-old actress cherishes both her children. [3]

2. Charlize Theron
SA Celebs Who Adopted

At 46, Charlize Theron, one of the world’s highest-paid actresses, is a mother to two adoptive children. Last year, she shared a photo of Jackson and August, aged nine and five, respectively. Charlize initially raised Jackson as a girl but later revealed to the Daily Mail in 2019 that Jackson identifies as a boy. [2]

3. Siya Kolisi
SA Celebs Who Adopted

Adoption is not limited to actresses, as evidenced by South African national team captain and former professional rugby player Siya Kolisi. Married to Rachel Smith, Kolisi is a father to four children. Two of them, Nicholas and Keziah, are his biological children, while Liyema and Liphelo were adopted after their mother’s passing in 2014. [2]

4. Mpho Brescia
SA Celebs Who Adopted

Well-known actress Mpho Brescia adopted a child named Rain in 2016. Celebrating Rain’s eighth birthday this year, Brescia expressed joy and love, describing Rain as everything in her life. [2]

5. Pearl Thusi
SA Celebs Who Adopted

Seasoned actress Pearl Thusi is a devoted mother to three children, including her biological daughter, Thandolwethu Mokoena. In 2010, Thusi publicly shared her adoption plans, and six years ago, she adopted a daughter named Okuhle from Ghana. Okuhle recently celebrated her sixth birthday, with Thusi expressing gratitude and love on Twitter. [2]

6. Rebecca Malope
SA Celebs Who Adopted

Rebecca Malope, “The African Queen of Gospel,” adopted Oluthando, Thandeka Malope, and Zweli. Despite adopting them when they were young, the well-known gospel singer nurtured them into adulthood, and today they have families of their own. [1]

7. Shekinah Donnell
SA Celebs Who Adopted

Shekinah Donnell’s story begins when, at just three weeks old, she was abandoned by her biological mother in a KwaZulu-Natal hospital. Adopted by the Donnell family, her bond with Phil and Deborah Donnell is strong. Despite encountering racism when she moved to Johannesburg, Shekinah’s childhood was marked by love and support. She emphasizes the importance of humanity above all, drawing from her experiences with prejudice. [1]

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