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Khosi Twala: Winner of Big Brother Titans Season One

Khosi Twala: Winner of Big Brother Titans Season One

Khosi Twala, a 26-year-old journalist, Instagram model, and reality TV star, was born on August 10, 1997. She is the proud winner of the inaugural season of Big Brother Titans. Khosi is currently single and boasts a net worth of over $100,000 (approximately R1.8 million).

A Dream Unveiled: From Aspiring Journalist to Reality TV Star

From a young age, Khosi aspired to be a journalist. After obtaining her journalism degree and working in the industry, she felt unfulfilled. This led her to explore other aspects of the media world, eventually culminating in her audition for the MultiChoice reality TV show, Big Brother Titans: Ziyakhala Wahala. Despite facing eviction almost weekly, this KwaZulu-Natal native emerged as the ultimate champion, claiming the grand prize.

Khosi Twala’s Profile:

  • Full Name: Makhosazane Twala
  • Nicknames: Khosi/King Khosi/Yo Highness K
  • Date of Birth: August 10, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Parents: Phumzile and Mzwakhe Twala
  • Siblings: Five brothers
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Net Worth: $100,000+
  • Claim to Fame: Winner of Big Brother Titans: Ziyakhala Wahala season one
  • Social Media: Instagram: @khosi_twala, Twitter: @RealKhosiTwala, Facebook: @KhosiTwala

Celebrating Khosi Twala’s Birthday

On August 10, 2023, Khosi Twala celebrated her 26th birthday. Her fans showed their love by surprising her with extravagant gifts, particularly after she survived a car crash just days before her birthday. Her devoted fans, known as ‘Khosi Reigns,’ orchestrated a remarkable celebration, gifting her lavish items across several countries.

Khosi received a range of gifts, including a spa voucher, iPhone 14 Pro Max, a bouquet with R5,000 in cash, a Canon camera, a podcast microphone kit, a R200,000 check, a 360° spin booth, a framed magazine cover, and a Louis Vuitton travel case. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Khosi thanked her fans and expressed her love for them, praying for their continued success.

Khosi Twala’s Christian Upbringing

Khosi’s parents separated when she was a young child, and she was raised by her grandparents after her mother relocated due to her father’s struggles. Her upbringing instilled in her a strong faith in God, with a defining moment occurring when she prayed for her mother’s safe return. This experience drew her closer to her faith.

Khosi, the only girl in her family, was given the name ‘Makhosazane,’ a tradition in the Zulu clan for the first female child. She grew up with her five brothers, and her mother greatly admired her for her ability to keep her siblings in check.

Addressing Speculations

It’s essential to clarify that Khosi Twala is not transgender; she is a heterosexual woman. Speculations regarding her gender identity were sparked by her appearance, particularly her muscular and athletic physique. Some drew comparisons to Nigerian crossdresser James Brown due to her masculine look. However, it should be noted that Khosi Twala identifies as a South African woman and maintains a feminine fashion style.

Khosi Twala’s Educational Journey

Khosi’s educational path includes attending Lincoln Heights Secondary School from 2011 to 2015. She pursued a journalism degree at The University of Free State and earned a certificate in Communications Science from Oakfields College. In 2020, she began her postgraduate studies at the University of Johannesburg, culminating in a Master’s degree in African Modernism.

Khosi Twala’s Career Highlights

Before her Big Brother Titans victory, Khosi Twala built a career as a journalist, model, and fitness enthusiast. She secured her first TV hosting gig in September 2023, co-hosting the DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival alongside Lawrence Maleka, Stoan, and Penny Lebyane.

Her modeling journey included participation in beauty pageants, such as Miss Free State South Africa, where she emerged as the Second Princess in 2017. Khosi has also worked as a brand ambassador for various brands, including UnravelMe Swim & Sportswear, Sissy Boy Jeans, and Milani Hair Studio.

Khosi’s passion for fitness is evident through her social media content. She inspires her followers with her gym-toned body and has built a substantial online following, with over 500K Instagram followers, 23K YouTube subscribers, and a presence on TikTok.

Rising to Stardom as the Big Brother Titans Winner

Khosi Twala entered the Big Brother Titans reality show on January 15, 2023, as the first housemate. Despite facing numerous eviction nominations, she ultimately claimed victory after 78 days in the Big Brother House. Khosi received a cash prize of $100,000 (R1.8 million) and was crowned the winner, outshining five other finalists.

Since her win, Khosi’s star has continued to rise, with her involvement in various media and entertainment events. She has also been recognized with awards and nominations for her contributions to the industry.

Khosi Twala’s Net Worth

Khosi Twala’s estimated net worth stands at over $100,000, bolstered by her prize money and various business ventures, including her YouTube channel, fitness app, and athleisure wear line.

Commitment to Charity Work

Khosi’s background and upbringing have instilled a passion for helping the less fortunate. She has expressed her intention to use her resources to support charitable causes, aiming for sustainable development goals across African countries.

Awards and Nominations

Khosi Twala’s impressive career and influence have led to recognition in various forms. She won the People’s Choice Award at the 40 Under 40 SA Awards in September 2023 and has been nominated for the Sebenza Women Award and the Social Media Award.

Relationships and Motherhood

As of now, Khosi Twala is single. While in the Big Brother house, she was involved in several relationships, including with a Nigerian housemate. However, these relationships did not continue outside the show. Rumors about her involvement with fellow housemate Marvin Achi are unfounded; they are close friends and business partners.

Khosi does not have children and has expressed her commitment to waiting until marriage to start a family.

In summary, Khosi Twala is a rising star in the media and entertainment industry, known for her diverse talents and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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