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Gogo Maweni Guns For SK Khoza To Pay Child Maintenance

Upon the release of a photograph purportedly showing an alleged child of SK Khoza, questions regarding its authenticity have arisen, with some speculating that the child’s light complexion warrants a DNA test to confirm paternity. The renowned celebrity sangoma, Gogo Maweni, is now pushing for SK Khoza to contribute to child maintenance, given his current employment status.

Over the years, Lee-Anne “Gogo Maweni” Mokopo has repeatedly expressed her dissatisfaction with SK Khoza’s failure to fulfill his financial responsibilities towards their child.

Gogo Maweni’s intentions to hold SK Khoza accountable for child maintenance have raised eyebrows and fueled discussions in the public domain. Speaking to ZiMoja, she emphasized her expectations for Khoza to financially support their child now that he is gainfully employed. Gogo Maweni has grown weary of lodging complaints and is determined to pursue legal action if necessary.

Furthermore, Gogo Maweni clarified that her own financial stability should not exempt SK Khoza from providing child support. She acknowledged that she is capable of providing for their child, but she firmly believes that Khoza should contribute as well.

In the past, Gogo Maweni had been understanding of SK Khoza’s financial struggles when he was unemployed. However, with Khoza’s improved fortunes, her stance has shifted, demanding that he fulfill his parental obligations.

“I have the means to support my lifestyle, including three houses, cars, and herbal stores, all acquired with cash. Nevertheless, that does not absolve him of his responsibility. He now has a job and must contribute,” Gogo Maweni stated in her interview with ZiMoja.

Gogo Maweni has announced her intention to consult her legal representatives to address this matter through the appropriate legal channels. She emphasized that she has no intention of resorting to muthi (traditional African medicine) on SK Khoza but will instead pursue resolution through the judicial system to ensure that Khoza fulfills his role as a responsible parent.

“I no longer need to stand in line at the maintenance court. I can afford my own lawyer, and I will deal with this matter legally. There’s no need for muthi; the law should take its course to ensure that he fulfills his parental responsibilities,” Gogo Maweni asserted.

Gogo Maweni also candidly admitted to using muthi on one of her previous partners, former Mamelodi Sundowns soccer player Siyabonga Zulu, after taking him to court for child maintenance as required by a court order.

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