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Sizok’thola returns with new XOLANI!

MOJA Love has announced the return of the drug bust show Sizok’thola, and there’s a twist.  

The channel on DStv said the show returns with a new presenter in April 2024.   

Xolani Maphanga will be replacing murder-accused Xolani Khumalo.   

Maphanga is not a stranger to the channel and has appeared on the screens as the current presenter for X-Repo, a show that helps people wronged on a personal level either by friends, ex-lovers, or family members.  

Moja Love spokeswoman Nonzwakazi Cekete said Maphanga comes with a “wealth” of experience to deliver a “captivating” show.  

“He’ll be sweeping the streets of South Africa clean together with law enforcement while rooting out drugs and exposing drug dealers, including drug lords. From leafy the suburbs to ekasi, Xolani will leave no stone unturned,” Nonzwakazi said.  

Maphanga, on the other hand, also expressed excitement for what was to come.  

“I’ve witnessed the impact of drugs on the youth, including how they live families scarred for life. It gives me great honour to contribute to a social justice programme and a show that tackles the scourge of drugs head-on.” 

Maphanga said that the fight cannot be won alone but closely with communities and law enforcement.  

Moja love

Xolani Maphanga will replace murder accused Xolani Khumalo in Sizokuthola.

Meanwhile, co-heads of the channel, Shoki Zama and Livhuwani Dagada, commenting on the excitement of the show, said this adds to their investment in the betterment of the community.  

“Through Sizok’thola and in collaboration with communities and law enforcement, we’re of the firm belief that the show will contribute positively to the fight against drugs,” the two said.  

This news comes at a time when Khumalo faces a daunting and lengthy murder case that has seen his family also suffer. 

The ex-Sizok’thola presenter, who is out on R20 000 bail, is facing charges of murder in the case involving a suspected drug dealer, Robert “Kicks” Varrie (49), who was allegedly assaulted in July 2023 during the filing of the show.  

The state added two more charges of robbery and damage to property when he last appeared in court in November 2023.  

He appeared in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on Thursday, 22 February. 

Khumalo’s contract with Moja Love was terminated in 2023.  

This after he allegedly failed to answer questions posed by the channel. The channel had questioned him about his knowledge and involvement in the unlawful conduct that led to the contamination of the crime scenes, failed prosecution of the known drug lords and unfortunate tragedies that followed the filming of certain episodes.

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