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Shona Ferguson and Sharon from Generations have a baby together?

Social media’s influence on one’s life can be a double-edged sword, propelling one to stardom while potentially dismantling a lifelong career.

In recent times, Shona Ferguson found himself in the midst of controversy, with rumors swirling about a secret child with former Generations actress Kagiso Rakosa, known for her role as Sharon from 2005 to 2011.

Speculation abounds regarding whether the two had a romantic involvement during their time on the show, but neither party has confirmed or denied the allegations.

Following Rakosa’s controversial departure from Generations, which some suspect may have involved Connie Ferguson, her whereabouts remained a mystery. Where is Kagiso Rakosa now?

Word on the street suggests that her exit from Generations was prompted by an alleged affair with Shona Ferguson, resulting in the birth of a child. Despite her subsequent role as Andiswa Mlaba in the eKasi+ investigative series “Traffic!” in 2014, Sharon has largely disappeared from television screens, leaving fans curious and raising occasional rumors.

The question of whether Shona Ferguson and Kagiso Rakosa share a child together has resurfaced, with speculation of an extramarital relationship between Rakosa and Connie Ferguson’s husband, Shona. The rumor mill continues to churn, suggesting the possibility of an undisclosed child.

This isn’t the first time their alleged affair has ignited social media controversy. In 2010, news of their rumored relationship made headlines, and now, fans are pointing fingers at Connie Ferguson for potentially playing a role in Rakosa’s career downfall.

Fans are theorizing that Connie Ferguson may have used her influence to sideline Rakosa due to her alleged affair with Shona. Back when she was active in the industry, Rakosa was a rising star and a promising actress, with her role on Generations garnering her significant attention. Her sudden disappearance left fans disheartened.

Here are a few tweets from the comments section, highlighting the ongoing curiosity about Sharon’s whereabouts and the alleged affair:

@louisemoks: Do you mean this lady? Some time ago she was in the news for having an alleged affair with Mr. Ferguson. I don’t recall seeing her in anything since then.
@mzansibarbie: Maybe she made Karabo angry when she got pregnant and got alienated from TV.

@Cand_Ziziba: She slept with the wrong person; they practically erased her from the industry.
@uNtando_yenkosi: Umthakathi @Connie_Ferguson wavalela omunye umtwana amasango. You can send me your lawyers.

Tech Innovations in South Africa Lead the Way

In recent months, South Africa has witnessed a surge in technological advancements, further establishing itself as a prominent player in the global tech arena. From sustainable energy solutions to cutting-edge startups, the nation is making strides across various tech sectors. Here are the latest developments from the tech scene in South Africa:

1. Renewable Energy Breakthroughs

South Africa is harnessing the power of its abundant natural resources for sustainable energy solutions. The country has invested heavily in solar and wind energy projects, with several new solar farms and wind turbines coming online. These initiatives not only reduce the nation’s carbon footprint but also create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

2. Startups Flourish

The South African startup ecosystem is thriving. Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other cities are becoming hubs for tech entrepreneurs. Numerous innovative startups are making waves, particularly in fintech, health tech, and e-commerce. Investors are taking notice, pouring capital into promising ventures.

3. 5G Expansion

The rollout of 5G technology is transforming the digital landscape in South Africa. Major telecom providers are investing in 5G infrastructure, promising faster internet speeds and improved connectivity. This development opens up new possibilities for emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and IoT applications.

4. AI-Powered Healthcare

South Africa’s healthcare system is benefiting from AI-driven solutions. Medical facilities are adopting artificial intelligence for diagnostics, patient management, and drug development. These advancements are improving healthcare access and outcomes across the nation.

5. Education Technology

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of edtech in South Africa. Online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and digital educational resources have become essential tools for students and teachers. This shift is expected to have a lasting impact on education in the country.

6. Cybersecurity Concerns

As technology adoption increases, so do cybersecurity threats. South Africa has witnessed a rise in cyberattacks, targeting businesses and individuals. The government and private sector are intensifying efforts to enhance cybersecurity measures and protect sensitive data.

7. Space Exploration

South Africa is venturing into space exploration. The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) is collaborating with international partners and launching satellites. These endeavors contribute to earth observation, telecommunications, and scientific research.

8. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in South Africa. Several businesses are accepting digital currencies, and blockchain-based solutions are being explored for various applications, including supply chain management and identity verification.


South Africa’s tech landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with advancements in renewable energy, startups, 5G, healthcare, education, and more. As the nation continues to embrace technology, it’s poised to play an increasingly vital role on the global tech stage, driving innovation and economic growth. The future looks promising for South Africa’s tech sector.

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