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Babes Wodumo reveals how she slept on Mampintsha’s dead body for two hours and demanded that nurses open his zip

Babes Wodumo Reflects on Heartbreaking Loss of Mampintsha: A Gqom Star’s Legacy Lives On

It has been nearly a year since the untimely passing of Gqom sensation Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumola, who succumbed to the effects of two strokes. His widow, the renowned singer Babes Wodumo, recently opened up about the painful details of that fateful day, shedding light on the emotional turmoil she endured.

In an exclusive interview, Babes Wodumo recounted the shocking moment she discovered Mampintsha’s lifeless body, covered in a somber white sheet. The raw grief in her voice echoed as she shared her initial disbelief, screaming at the notion that he couldn’t breathe. The stark reality of his passing hit her like a tidal wave, and she vividly recalled their conversation about capturing final moments through photographs on the deathbed.

“When I arrived, they had covered him in a white sheet. I screamed telling them that he couldn’t breathe. They said he had passed away. Before he died, we spoke about taking pictures of each other on the deathbed,” she revealed, capturing the haunting juxtaposition of planning for the end while grappling with its unexpected arrival.

Her disbelief lingered, and she found herself imploring those around her to unzip the cover, a desperate attempt to revive the man she loved. In her anguish, Babes Wodumo confessed, “My head was not in the right place.” The surreal hope that it was a cruel prank persisted, showcasing the profound impact of the sudden loss on her psyche.

“I said they must open the zip, so he could breathe. My head was not in the right place,” she admitted, providing a poignant glimpse into the surreal moments of tragedy.

The pain of acceptance eventually settled in, as Babes Wodumo realized that Mampintsha had chosen to leave her. Through tears, she acknowledged the multifaceted loss: a friend, a confidant, her love, and the father of their child, affectionately known as Sponge. “I lost my friend, best friend, my love and Sponge’s dad. He chose to leave me. I had to accept that he was gone,” she expressed, underscoring the profound depth of her grief.

As she navigates the aftermath of this heart-wrenching experience, Babes Wodumo has emerged as a symbol of resilience and strength. Her willingness to share the intimate details of her grief serves as a powerful testament to the human experience of loss and the complex emotions that accompany it.

In the wake of Mampintsha’s passing, his legacy lives on through the impact he made on the Gqom music scene. While the pain of his absence lingers, the memories shared by Babes Wodumo offer a poignant tribute to the man behind the music, ensuring that he will be remembered not only for his artistry but for the indelible mark he left on those who knew and loved him.


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