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Video of Kelly Khumalo beating up actress Reneilwe (Amo Chidi) on TV emerges

Kelly Khumalo’s On-Screen Altercation with Actress Reneilwe (Amo Chidi) Surfaces in Viral Video

Popular South African singer and actress, Kelly Khumalo, is once again in the spotlight, this time due to the emergence of a video capturing an on-screen altercation with actress Reneilwe (Amo Chidi).

Video of Kelly Khumalo beating up actress Reneilwe (Amo Chidi) on TV emerges

Khumalo, known for making headlines for various reasons, gained attention earlier this year for a peculiar rant at the South African Music Awards. Now, an incident from her television career is resurfacing, adding another layer to the multifaceted artist’s public image.

The video in question features Khumalo delivering a dramatic slap to her co-star during an episode of the soap opera “Rhythm City” in 2017. The incident occurred within the context of a confrontation between Khumalo, portraying the character Sunay, and Reneilwe (Amo Chidi).

While this on-screen altercation remains memorable, it is just one facet of Khumalo’s diverse career. Beyond her acting roles, she is recognized for her singing career and has made appearances in various shows and movies, including “Zulu Wedding” and as a guest judge on “Idols SA.”

As discussions around Kelly Khumalo persist, her talents continue to shine through both in the world of music and on-screen performances.

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