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Makhadzi was caught in bed with someone else. It didn’t end well with Master KG

Unraveling the Heartbreak: The True Story Behind Makhadzi and Master KG’s Split

The much-loved South African couple, Makhadzi and Master KG, recently faced a devastating breakup, and the surprising catalyst behind their separation has been revealed to be a businessman from Botswana.

Initially, Master KG publicly accused Botswana musician Vee Mampeezy of being involved in an extramarital affair with Makhadzi. However, recent reports from Sunday World have uncovered that the true reason behind their split is not Vee Mampeezy but Lawrence Mulaudzi, the former owner of Tshakuma Tsha Madzivhandela.

Master KG stunned their fans by announcing the breakup without providing any details.

Now, it has been disclosed that Lawrence Mulaudzi played a crucial role in Makhadzi’s life, ultimately leading to the end of her relationship with Master KG. Makhadzi is reportedly now romantically involved with Mulaudzi, who was instrumental in organizing her One-Woman Show in Botswana.

Sources revealed that Makhadzi spent considerable time with Mulaudzi during her visits to Botswana, and this affair persisted until Master KG became fully aware of the situation, prompting him to publicly end their relationship. Some even allude that he was caught in bed with this new man.

Lawrence Mulaudzi not only supported Makhadzi’s career but also encouraged her to establish her own record label, Makhadzi Entertainment. He believed that she could achieve greater financial independence by working independently and not having to share her profits with others.

An informant who previously worked with Makhadzi at Open Mic Productions disclosed that the breakup between Makhadzi and Master KG was far from smooth. Master KG, known for his frugality, reportedly demanded a refund for all he had invested in Makhadzi when they broke up.

When approached for comment, Master KG declined to speak on the matter, stating, “Eish, this one I do not want to talk about … We are still working together, so I do not want to comment at all.” Makhadzi did not respond to text messages seeking her input on the situation.

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