Clement Maosa asks fans to stop sending n.udes to his DMs

Skeem Saam Star Clement Maosa Issues Warning Against Unsolicited Nu.de Images

Clement Maosa, known for his role in Skeem Saam, has taken to social media to address an issue that many public figures face — unsolicited n.ude images in his direct messages (DMs). In a public service announcement, the actor called out those who send him uninvited explicit pictures.

“Stop sending n.udes! Stop sending n.udes! Stop sending n.udes!” exclaimed Clement.

While many agreed with the actor’s sentiments, one user suggested that Clement should mind his own business when it comes to n.ude photographs. Clement responded by asserting that his DMs are his domain, stating, “It’s my business if they are sent to my inbox … now read your comment 3 times and try to put it into practice!”

Clement is not the only celebrity to express frustration over unsolicited n.ude images. Socialite Zodwa Wabantu faced a similar issue a few years ago, blocking individuals who sent her explicit content after her breakup with former fiancé Ntobeko. Zodwa emphasized that she was happily in a relationship with then-boyfriend Vusi and was not seeking a replacement.

“They started sending me messages and naked pictures of themselves. They were sending me their CVs because they thought I was looking for a new bae,” said Zodwa. “I am happy with Vusi, and people mustn’t come looking for trouble. People have a lot of opinions about our relationship; they must just sit down.”

Both Clement Maosa and Zodwa Wabantu’s experiences highlight the need for respect and boundaries in online interactions, even with public figures who are often subject to unwarranted intrusions.

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