Makhadzi steals Princess Masindi Mphephu’s Boyfriend

Talented South African musician Makhadzi has seemingly triumphed in the realm of love, capturing the heart of Lawrence Mulaudzi, the former owner of the Tshakuma Tsha Madzivhandela (TTM) football club. However, their relationship has not been without controversy and drama, as it was entangled with VhaVenda Princess Masindi Mphephu, who accused Makhadzi of flirting with Mulaudzi.

The clash between these prominent Venda women unfolded during Princess Masindi’s birthday celebration at a lodge in Nandoni, Thohoyandou, Limpopo. Mulaudzi, who was in a relationship with the princess at the time, had invited Makhadzi to perform at the event.

Tensions flared when the princess suspected Makhadzi of showing interest in her partner, resulting in a heated altercation. Witnesses recount that the princess’s friends intervened and requested Makhadzi and her dancers to leave the gathering. There were also rumors that Makhadzi was unaware of Mulaudzi’s involvement with the princess.

Recent developments reveal that Mulaudzi has chosen Makhadzi over the princess, who is currently entangled in a legal battle for the throne. Sources indicate that the couple is no longer keeping their relationship under wraps and has been seen together publicly, enjoying outings and dining.

They appear unbothered by public opinion and appear to be deeply committed to one another. It is also reported that Mulaudzi has played a significant role in guiding Makhadzi’s business ventures, particularly after her departure from Open Mic Records. He has provided support and mentorship, assisting her in developing her entrepreneurial skills.

Recent sightings of the couple at an event in Venda further solidify their bond. Sources also reveal that they have been traveling together and are making plans for the upcoming festive season, despite their hectic schedules.

When questioned about the relationship, Makhadzi’s manager, Lucky Tshilimandila, expressed his inability to discuss her personal life, emphasizing that his role is solely focused on managing her music business. Makhadzi herself declined to comment on the matter.

In response to inquiries about Princess Masindi, her spokesperson, Vho Mashudu Muvhangona, expressed a desire to avoid further harm to her reputation and discouraged further involvement in the matter. It is evident that the situation remains sensitive, and the princess prefers not to engage in discussions that could potentially harm her standing.

The love triangle involving Makhadzi, Lawrence Mulaudzi, and Princess Masindi has captured significant public attention, given the prominence of the individuals involved. Their actions and choices continue to fascinate the public, shedding light on the complexities of relationships in the public eye.

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