Somizi’s knee causes chaos on Social Media

Twitter is always buzzing with surprises, and this time it’s South African media sensation Somizi Mhlongo who’s in the spotlight. While he was off unwinding in Mpumalanga, the Twitterati were having a field day poking fun at his knee.

Somizi and his hubby Mohale Motaung shared some adorable safari photos from their getaway, but it wasn’t the majestic animals stealing the show. Nope, it was Somizi’s knee that took center stage. Tweeps couldn’t resist pointing out that his knee seemed to be channeling its inner artist, sporting what looked like a face wearing a beret.

Yep, you read that right – a beret-wearing knee! The internet promptly turned Somizi into a laughing stock, with folks suggesting that his knee resembled none other than the charismatic leader Julius Malema. Memes and hilarious reactions flooded in, leaving us curious if Somizi himself has had a good laugh at the creative knee analysis.

Get To Know The Importance of Home Insurance for Property Owners with Home Loans

Get To Know The Importance of Home Insurance for Property Owners with Home Loans


Purchasing a home is a significant financial undertaking, often requiring individuals to secure a home loan to make this dream a reality. In such cases, having comprehensive home insurance isn’t just a suggestion; it’s often a mandatory requirement imposed by most lenders.

1. Safeguarding Your Investment and the Lender’s Interest

When you secure a home loan, the property itself serves as collateral for that loan. Lenders have a vested interest in ensuring that the property is adequately protected against potential risks. This is where home insurance comes into play as a protective shield for both your investment and the lender’s stake.

Home insurance coverage extends to property damage caused by a range of perils including fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Should any of these unfortunate events occur, the insurance steps in to cover the costs of repairs or replacement. This financial assistance helps you meet your obligations and simultaneously safeguards the lender’s collateral.

2. Meeting Lender’s Stipulations

For most lenders, it’s a mandatory requirement that borrowers secure a home insurance policy before they’re granted a home loan. This policy must meet specific standards and offer sufficient coverage.

By adhering to this stipulation, you’re demonstrating your commitment to protecting the property and fulfilling your duties as a borrower. Failing to maintain the required insurance coverage can lead to a breach of your contract with the lender. This breach might result in penalties, loan default, and potentially even foreclosure.

3. Comprehensive Coverage Including Personal Belongings

Home insurance doesn’t only shield the physical structure of your property; it also extends its protection to your personal possessions. This encompasses everything from furniture, appliances, and electronics to clothing and valuable items located within your home.

In case of incidents like theft, fire, or other covered perils, your insurance policy compensates for the loss or damage sustained by your personal belongings. This coverage ensures you can recuperate financially from these events and replace your possessions without facing substantial financial strain.

4. Liability Protection

Home insurance policies frequently include liability protection, an essential component for property owners. This aspect of coverage safeguards you from potential legal and financial repercussions if someone sustains an injury on your property.

For example, if a visitor were to slip and get injured, resulting in medical expenses, legal fees, or possible settlements, liability coverage steps in to mitigate these financial burdens. This protection offers peace of mind, knowing you’re financially supported should an accident transpire on your property.

5. Assistance with Additional Living Expenses

In cases where your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to covered perils like fire or severe damage, your home insurance might encompass additional living expenses coverage. This facet of coverage aids in compensating for costs related to temporary accommodation, meals, and other essential expenses while your home is undergoing repairs or reconstruction. This feature ensures you can maintain your standard of living and fulfill your financial obligations even during challenging times.

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