‘Scandal!’ reacts to Nomvelo Makhanya’s toxic environment claims

Nomvelo Makhanya, the acclaimed actress renowned for her portrayal of Lindiwe Ngema in e.tv’s Scandal!, recently took to social media to reveal a shocking revelation about her time on the long-running soapie.

In a candid and emotional disclosure, she unveiled the depths of the toxic work environment she faced, disclosing that it nearly drove her to contemplate ending her own life.

Nomvelo Makhanya’s tenure as Lindiwe Ngema spanned an impressive decade on Scandal!, a remarkable achievement in the realm of television. However, behind the scenes, the actress was grappling with a hostile work environment that weighed heavily on her mental and emotional well-being.

In a video that subsequently went viral on social media, and in a lengthy YouTube video, Nomvelo shared her harrowing experience, shedding light on the immense pressure she faced.

She clarified that her exit from the show was not a decision she willingly made; instead, it was a result of circumstances beyond her control. In her own words, she expressed, “It wasn’t me guys, it wasn’t my choice. They wrote me off, that’s the truth.”

Her revelations exposed the toll that the Scandal! work environment had taken on her. Nomvelo Makhanya candidly stated, “It was God’s plan though, I’m going to tell you that for real. I’ve been praying … I’ve been wanting to leave that place …

For me, it was something I had really been praying about, so when it finally happened, it really felt like God was removing me from the toxic environment. I probably would have killed myself. There was a 90% chance. That’s how toxic that place was.”

The revelation sent shockwaves through her fans and the entertainment industry, prompting a response from the long-running soapie, Scandal!.

‘Scandal!’ reacts to Nomvelo Makhanya’s toxic environment claims

In a statement provided to TshisaLIVE, the production acknowledged Nomvelo’s ten-year journey on the show and addressed her claims, emphasizing that the decision to end her character, Lindiwe Maseko-Ngema, was rooted in the story’s progression rather than malicious intent.

Scandal! clarified, “E.tv’s Scandal production was unaware that the workplace had become a toxic environment for the actor or any actor for that matter. As a production, we’ve always communicated an open-door policy for all our cast and crew for any matter or situation whether it is professional or personal.”

The soapie expressed gratitude for Nomvelo Makhanya’s contributions and growth as an actor during her tenure.

They explained that her character’s exit was a natural storytelling choice to explore new avenues and opportunities for the production, emphasizing that ending characters, even beloved ones like Lindiwe, is a bittersweet but necessary part of storytelling evolution.

Nomvelo Makhanya’s revelation has ignited discussions about the well-being of actors and the work environments they endure behind the scenes. Her courage in sharing her experience serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and workplace conditions within the entertainment industry. As the industry reflects on these issues, it is hoped that positive changes will emerge to create safer and healthier environments for all involved.

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