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South African Celebrities Who Passed Away

South African Celebrities Who Passed Away in 2023

It has been nine months since the start of the new year, and sadly, several South African celebrities have lost their lives. Here’s a list of nine local celebs who have passed away in Mzansi in 2023.

1. AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes)
On February 10th, South African rapper AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, was tragically shot and killed outside Wish restaurant in Durban on Florida Road by an unidentified assailant. His untimely death was a shocking and devastating event.

2. Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane
Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, a celebrity chef and long-time friend of AKA, was also fatally shot in Durban. His life was taken on the same day as AKA’s, marking a tragic loss for both families and fans.

3. Mark Pilgrim
Veteran radio personality Mark Pilgrim passed away peacefully at his home on March 5th after a long and courageous battle with stage four lung cancer. He had been fighting cancer since 1998 and was laid to rest after a valiant struggle.

4. Costa Titch (Costantinos Tsobanoglou)
Costa Titch, whose real name was Costantinos Tsobanoglou, shockingly passed away during a performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg on March 11th. He was only 28 years old, and his death was suspected to be related to an epileptic seizure, although his mother had doubts about this cause.

5. Angie Oeh (Angelique Greeff)
Afrikaans singer Angelique Greeff, known as Angie Oeh, sadly succumbed to cancer on August 19th. She passed away at Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria shortly after revealing her diagnosis.

6. Derek Watts
Veteran journalist Derek Watts passed away at the age of 74, surrounded by loved ones. He had battled skin cancer since 2022, which had spread to his lungs. His passing occurred on August 22nd.

7. Tersius Eathon Kocks
Tersius Eathon Kocks, a contestant on Season 12 of Idols SA, was found deceased in his home on August 27th. He had been struggling with mental health and depression, as reported by Sunday World.

8. Botha Rossouw
Former rugby player Botha Rossouw, aged 53, passed away on August 29th due to a pulmonary embolism, as reported by Style You 7.

9. Mbuleli Mathanga
Mbuleli Mathanga, a 29-year-old athlete and 2023 Half Marathon champion, was tragically found hanging in his girlfriend’s room on August 31st. His death is suspected to be a successful suicide, marking a heartbreaking loss.

These nine individuals have left a significant impact on South Africa’s entertainment and sports industries, and they will be remembered for their contributions to their respective fields.

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