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Desperate Eastern Cape mom kills starving children

In Butterworth, Eastern Cape, a debt collector looking for repayment from a struggling mother made a grim discovery on a Sunday morning. The debt collector found the bodies of the mother, Bongeka Buso (38), and her three children.

It’s believed that Bongeka, who was known as a quiet person, left a suicide note explaining that she felt overwhelmed by her problems, possibly due to poverty. Tragically, she was found hanging in her home, while her two younger children, Orabile (8) and Oratile (5), appeared to have been poisoned. Her older child, Anathi (about 14 years old), was found with a knife wound, indicating a struggle to prevent the poisoning.

The motive for this heartbreaking incident is unclear, but it highlights the devastating impact of poverty on vulnerable families. Eastern Cape Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Nomthetheleli Mene expressed her sadness and called for addressing poverty and providing mental health support to prevent such tragedies. Bongeka’s family and neighbors were shocked by the incident, emphasizing the urgent need to address hunger and economic challenges in the region.

If You See This “Orange” Dot on Your iPhone, Here’s What You Need to Do

New iPhone Update: Orange Dot Alert for Camera and Microphone Activity

In the latest iPhone update, a new privacy feature has been introduced in the form of an orange dot that serves as a visual indicator when your camera or microphone is actively being used by an app. This feature is designed to raise awareness and inform users if an app is secretly accessing their device’s camera or microphone without their knowledge.

Orange Dot Alert: A Sign of App Activity

The orange dot will appear in the upper right corner of your iPhone screen whenever an app is actively using your camera or microphone. This simple visual cue provides users with real-time feedback on the status of their device’s privacy-sensitive components.

Checking App Activity in Control Center

To determine which specific app is accessing your device’s microphone, you can easily check by swiping into your Control Center. This feature enhances transparency and empowers users to take control of their privacy.

Managing App Permissions

If you find any app’s use of your camera or microphone suspicious, you can take action to protect your privacy. By navigating to your iPhone’s Settings, you can review and adjust app permissions, limiting untrusted apps from accessing these critical components.

Delete Unwanted Apps

For added security, consider removing apps that you no longer use or trust. Deleting unnecessary apps reduces the potential for unauthorized access to your device’s camera or microphone.

Apple’s Commitment to Privacy

Apple has emphasized its commitment to user privacy, stating, “Privacy is a fundamental human right and at the core of everything we do.” With iOS 14, Apple aims to provide users with more control over their data and increased transparency regarding how their information is used.

Additional Privacy Features in iOS 14

In addition to the orange dot indicator, iOS 14 offers other privacy-enhancing features. Notably, users can now share a “rough” location instead of their exact GPS coordinates when interacting with apps. This means that apps can display nearby establishments, such as stores, without disclosing the user’s precise address.

Concerns and Past Incidents

The introduction of these privacy features comes amidst concerns raised by some users who reported seeing related advertisements on Facebook after speaking about certain products or topics aloud. They believed that Facebook was using their device’s microphone to eavesdrop on their conversations for targeted advertising.

However, Facebook denied these claims, stating that it only accessed a user’s microphone when permission was explicitly granted and denied using recordings for targeted ads.

Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance privacy controls aim to address such concerns and empower users to maintain greater control over their personal data.

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