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Mum killer: I killed my mum because she deserves it

In a chilling and heart-wrenching case that unfolded at the Mbombela High Court, Nonhlanhla Mthunywa, aged 33, has been handed a severe sentence of 28 years in prison for the murder of her own mother, Wanter Dlamini, aged 62.

The sentencing, delivered on Monday, January 29, comes on the heels of Mthunywa’s admission of guilt, forming part of a plea agreement negotiated with the state.

Judge Henk Roelofse, presiding over the case, underscored the gravity of the crime by stipulating that counts three and seven, pertaining to attempted murder and defeating the ends of justice, should run concurrently.

This somber legal outcome stems from Mthunywa’s acknowledgment of her active participation in a heinous plot that tragically claimed the life of her mother.

The dark events unfolded on January 5, when Dlamini became a victim of a sinister scheme meticulously orchestrated by her own daughter, Nonhlanhla.

According to court proceedings, Nonhlanhla Mthunywa extended invitations to her sister, Bathabile Mthunywa, aged 39, Steen Mashakeng, aged 35, Nombuso Ndwandwa, aged 41, and the late Moses Mosemba, to participate in this gruesome murder plot.

The motive behind this shocking act was a sinister one—to claim an insurance policy valued at R80,000, which had been taken out in Dlamini’s name back in 2019.

The revelation of this case sends shockwaves through society, shedding light on the disturbing lengths to which some individuals are willing to go for financial gain, even if it means sacrificing their own flesh and blood.

The court’s decision to have counts three and seven run concurrently emphasizes the seriousness of the charges related to attempted murder and the obstruction of justice in the aftermath of the crime.

The plea agreement not only serves as a legal resolution but also exposes the harrowing reality of familial betrayal in pursuit of financial gain.

This deeply distressing case serves as an alarming reminder of the critical role justice plays in the face of such heinous crimes.

As society grapples with the chilling revelations and tragic consequences of this family conspiracy, the sentencing stands as a poignant testament to the importance of upholding the principles of justice and accountability, even within the most intimate circles of familial bonds.

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