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January 2024 Divorce update! Mayeni dumps Mseleku and leaves her polygamous marriage

In the latest chapter of the polygamous saga involving Musa Mseleku’s matrimonial life, January 2024 has witnessed a significant upheaval.

The intricacies of this multi-wedded melodrama have been brought to the forefront as Mayeni reportedly chose to part ways with her polygamous husband, leaving observers intrigued about the state of this complex web of relationships.

This recent development comes on the heels of last year’s dramatic Uthando NeSthembu finale, where Mseleku attempted to address marital discord by calling a family meeting. However, what was intended as a peacekeeping effort transformed into a public airing of grievances.

During this memorable gathering, Musa revealed the brewing marital woes behind closed doors. He disclosed that when his wives were displeased, they employed a unique form of punishment by withholding certain “spousal privileges.”

Some even went to the extent of denying him food and retreating to their ancestral homes, an unusual sight for married women. Musa, frustrated by what he deemed unruly behavior, laid down the law, threatening to involve their respective families if his wives failed to mend their ways.

The wives, seemingly masking their insecurities, responded with laughter, questioning why Musa didn’t address his concerns directly. MaCele defended him, claiming that public intervention was a last resort after failed private attempts to resolve issues. MaMgwabe sought advice from MaCele, while MaKhumalo urged the wives to find common ground. MaCele insisted she could resolve issues with Musa without external intervention.

The grievances also included matters of witchcraft and traditional healers. Musa implored his wives to end these practices, echoed earnestly by MaKhumalo. The drama reached its peak during a book launch, where the wives arrived late, offering apologies. Musa asked them to take the stage, resulting in a prolonged delay. MaYeni’s reluctance stemmed from perceiving the other wives as adversaries, likening the dynamic to a discordant mix of animals in one enclosure.

In contrast, the Gumbis, another polygamous family, continue to earn public favor with their harmonious coexistence, consistently receiving positive remarks. As the polygamous chronicles unfold on reality television, the future remains uncertain, with tensions escalating and family dynamics continuing to unravel.

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